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    Dick Dale RIP https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/17/obituaries/dick-dale-dead.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Obituaries
  2. The superb Atma-Sphere amps and preamps!👍....MN made.
  3. Is the unit still available and if so can I write you a personal message? thanks, Fred
  4. Try admin admin or admin and a blank for password. Also administrator administrator or administrator and blank.
  5. I too am interested in any info regarding a compatible player. Thanks.
  6. One of the most difficult things for a son or daughter is to tell your aging parent they are unfit to drive an automobile. But please tell them. If they don't comply contact the DMV. From Senorex above: "My dad suffers from macular degeneration and has the same keyboard. Still can't really see it. Insists on driving though."
  7. 1+. For further insight into Tinoos' post I would suggest 'Awaken' and 'The Moral Landscape' by Sam Harris. The former is subtitled "A Guide to Sprituality Without Relgion" and the latter "How Science Can Determine Human Values".
  8. Linda Eder- Great vocalist for Jazz, Broadway, and Latin genre.
  9. Anything by Victor Lemonte Wooten and/or Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Wooten was named by the Rolling Stone as one of the Top 10 Bassists of All Time. My recommendation: Live Art Disc 2 tracks Improv Amazing Grace, Sinister Minister, and Cosmic Hippo.
  10. 1+ to BobSherman: Having seen this some time in the past I swore never to use a quote again. I suggest you do the same wrto your lame videos. "A facility for quotation covers the absence of original thought. " Dorothy L. Sayers
  11. It's a common malady called G.A.S.........Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Google it. Unfortunately it is incurable.
  12. A question for those folks who eschew the concept ‘bits are bits’ but deny the existence of a “bits are not bits” philosophy: How do software programs modify the 0’s and 1’s so they sound different? Presumably the software program that you believe sounds the best makes the 0’s and 1’s more analogue-ic, melodic; defined, refined; spatial, palatial; emotive, evocative, empathetic, and euphonic. It makes the ‘0’s’ more oval, the ‘1’s’ more erect. The program enhances the ‘1’s’ sharp edges, and make the’0 s’ smoooooother. Staccato vs. legato. Both digits are cleaner and leaner. No electron hitchhikers. How is it that yes/no, true/false can be so different? Maybe bits equivocate...maybe yes, maybe false. Or maybe bits are modified by our bias. I love the sound of my Atma-Sphere M60’s. And their looks are magical. Especially at night when the lights are off. They sound much better than my previous Bob Carver solid state amp. Did I A/B these amps? No. How is my acoustical memory? Poor at best, and no better than my built in EQ, presbycusis. But Yes, Yes, they DO sound better. Don’t they? How can you deny that they aren’t better sounding? The Atma-Spheres were more expensive. They are more attractive to me. The ‘Wow’ factor is convincing. And the fact that they are manufactured in my home State must mean they sound better. I’ll call the latter ‘parochial bias’. It is interesting that the most vociferous anti ‘bits are bits’ contributors to these threads are from Europe the home of JPlay. Could this represent ‘parochial bias’ at (J)play?
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