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  1. Right now: metal ethernet cable out of the wall box to the ether Regen. Optical out from the ether Regan to the optical Rendu. USB out of the optical Rendu, metal in and optical out...simple. Next, to bring the sonic transport downstairs I need a switch that is fed by the wall-ethernet-box using a metal ethernet cable, the switch is connected by another metal ethernet cable to A) The sonic transport B) Then another metal cable from the switch, to C) The ether Regen, and D) Optical out of the ether Regen to the YGGI.
  2. Can't try between the eR and the DAC as the DAC is USB YGGI. The focus of this is just feeding the eR from the wall. But, that will get complicated by the next phase: My sonic transport is in another part of the house and I want it downstairs in the listening room. That means another switch and that opens up that can of worms...The NEXT switch!!! More eNet cables. The saga continues.
  3. I thought it was @2K for 1 meter. I'll check, now you say this, probably I was thinking about the USB to replace my Wire World Premium Starlight 7. I looked at cable co and see the Sigma ethernet is 900...Hmmm....I could have rationalized less 🙂 Thanks G
  4. The ethernet cable in my system goes from my wall outlet to the eR. I replaced a no name flat cable (that was no slouch) with the BJCable and there was slight improvement in detail, enough to keep the BJ cable in the system. I replaced the BJC with Cable Matters Cat 8: mid bass increased and there is more detail without harshness. I've had a mid-bass suckout in the big system, I thought was the room...maybe it was, but. It seems gone. And, cymbals just sheen and sound so real. I keep wondering, how much detail is in those 1s and 0s? To think we may be years or decades away from finding out. My wife, who is as much a music freak as I am, but gets as much happiness from the speaker in her bathroom as she does from the big system, has always said the system lacked bass...though it includes a REL SE 212 that crosses over where the maggies drop off. Last night the mid bass was there as it should be. Tonite we will listen with the Cable Matters in the system to get her opinion. So, the search for the 'best' ethernet cable will go on for me. I am also working on trying better SFPs. I'll report in a few weeks. I've come to not be surprised that any change to a system component makes a change in the system SQ, no matter what you change; the entire system is completely interactive and every change creates some sound difference. Am I too subjective? Not scientific enough...even though I'm a scientist...Am I hallucinating or being duped? My answer is No! All high end audio is about extracting the best SQ from microscopic/sub-microscopic changes in the flow of electricity and all these active and passive gadgets manage the flow of electricity and/or clean up what is in the flow. To me, further argument only comes from people who do not understand the phenomena of high end audio audio. I don't see the benefit of arguing with people who simply do not understand the field they are commenting on. and so argue from preconceived notions that are impervious to new information. As always, we have been and are being led by Jesus, Alex and especially John. Greatness is in the execution of the great idea. They saw it and see it and get it. Thank you all so much. Music is one of the few elixirs of life for me and likely others here. I do enjoy it over the radio...and there is a lot of music that sounds better over the radio with radio type speakers. So all music that is personally appealing is good, but great performances of great music recorded in a way that makes the music sound live over my system is a wonderful experience I'm driven to return to again and again...like an addiction. Of all the addictions I could have, this one is not so bad. Addiction? The experience I get does modify and pique certain pleasure centers of my...our...brains. That's why I think we keep coming back to sit in the chair by ourselves in the quiet room for so many hours. Bits may be bits, but the magic carpet bits are riding on is what we are trying to improve. I think my experience tells me that a lot of the magic is in the power supplies and the cables and all else that tames the carpet's ride. We are creating better and better microscopes, so the better our systems get at controlling the electricity, the more we will experience changes for the better in SQ. Now that I'm at the end of the post, I think I can see that this long post was "just" a rationalization for trying that Shunyata $2,000.00 ethernet cable. Sigh... OK, if it makes even more magic than I have now, I'll let you know. :-)
  5. Alex or John, I believe, wrote that earlier switches develop basic patterns of managed electricity that carry through, no matter the effectiveness of the ER in managing noise. They can comment on this.
  6. The 1.2 supplying the ER is running hot...to hot to hold, set at 7. Is this norma?l
  7. Impression (not balanced for sound level) after adding 1.2 PS to run ER: sweeter and a little more detail. More real. Not earth shattering detail, but worth if if (too me) if the sweetness is true . I'm just listening after I turned the system back on and experience was, "Oh, this sounds sweeter" on top of the additional detail that I was getting before. I wasn't expecting 'sweetness'...didn't know I was missing it. Re detail, Listen to Cowboy Junkies, Trinity Revisited, Mining for gold. The singer, Margo, sings a line at the beginning of the song that ends with ..".marching to the slope". How clearly you can hear the 'p' in slope, if you can hear it at all, and her mouth articulation will tell you something about your system's ability to discern detail. At least it has for me through the years. And, it is a great album for listening as well as discernment. Over the week end, after listening for a few days, and going through my regular set of music files taking notes, I'll remove the PS and see if I feel like I'm missing anything.
  8. I want to try using the 1.2 PS with the ER. I only use 1-RJ45 into side B and the SFP out of A. Therefore there is no need for the ground wire. Is that correct?
  9. StarTech.com 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver Module - 1 Gbps - 550 m - TAA Compliant - MSA Compliant Fiber SFP (SFPSXMM) I'm assuming this is the correct one. If not, let me know. I do not know the implications of ZX vs SX other than distance; which is irrelevant in this case. Also, it seems that better ones at each end would be best. I will try that if I hear any difference at all with one, unless someone knowledgeable says that you need 2-of the better transceivers to make a difference.
  10. I just ordered this. It will be in on Friday. I'll report if it makes a difference. They are at Amazon for $56.00 or so.
  11. No apologies necessary. This arcane corner of our audiophile hobby includes members who are, like me...completely without knowledge and who get by through plug and play...and others who really understand what the electricity is doing and going through to achieve the sounds that so please us.. Speaking for the former group, we would not have the wonderful sounds without you and others who create and help. Thank you.
  12. So, I would use the one next to the SFP cage out and one of the 1x-8x in? Thank you G
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