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  1. Thanks. So much of this thread has been about people trying to prove something.
  2. This is all great stuff. It is helpful to everyone in the hobby. Thank you. G
  3. https://www.deringerney.com/techpapers/abstract/?DocumentId=pnk8SYvTdl5PBEYgylFWFjQO5IfWmXnrKiYltdIYKjM%3d This is a (free) manual that describes the issues of low level electrical contacts/switches at a professional engineering level. The R Holm book is very expensive. All this is over my head at this point, I have the wrong kind of PhD for this subject...but i thought I'd close the link on where to go to get the last word on the issues I was asking about. Still interested in people's actual listening experience regarding WBT connectors used on speaker cables.
  4. That was my question, are they better? If I knew they were better I'd spend the additional money. I get the system part and that everything matters. I am trying to get information regarding the effects on the transmission of electricity through the various connectors. Does one connector offer less resistance, etc? Re soldering the cables: my concerns-soldering a 5/16th "bolt" to a complex set of hollow core cables, and A-P is a top company that has spent much more time finishing their cables with all those intricacies than I have. So, I want to buy their expertise in this. I certainly appreciate your approach, however.
  5. I'm getting new speaker cables from Analysis-Plus, their Apex, top of their line. I need to decide on A-P connectors or WBT connectors. Does anyone have experience with the difference in how connectors sound? Thank you
  6. Would you mind telling us what "very upgraded PSU" you are using? Many of us are looking for a PS for our ORs. Thank you G
  7. Thank you for the information that included the DAC requirement. It is exactly what I was asking for. G
  8. What exactly are the electrical needs of the OR? Assume that the DAC will need vbus power. There are numerous options for power supplies and I don't know what to ask for. Thank you. G
  9. Superdad- No one who knows you or your company is buying based on price. You've put in the work; make a solid profit. If people want/need the product, 25$ or 50$ more per unit will not make a real difference in sales and it may make a real difference in your profitability.
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