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  1. Alex-Sorry I did not see your above post. I get it you want to move it back to the Ether Regen. Sorry.
  2. You ask what would work for me? As you are asking me personally, I'll answer you. What would work for me is for Alex to value himself and his efforts as much as we value him. At a broader level, Alex works hard for his money, too...and deserves to get paid for the VALUE of what he brings to us, not paid for producing the mechanical box with minimal mark-up. The VALUE these mechanical boxes bring us is joy and wonderment. I can't put a price on it. Alex and John must do that. In order to get us closer to what is embedded in the 1s & 0s. Alex and John have spent tens of years training and tens of thousands of hours obsessing over details to be able to create the value that the box creates. They should charge what will compensate them for the tens of thousands of hours they spent in order to get to the place where they can create that joy and wonderment...and we need to figure out how to pay for it...if we want the value they are bringing to us.
  3. Alex, charge what you need to charge to make a good profit. If the switch does everything you say it does, make a real profit. You re running a business that will need to make enough money to take you through the lean times and you need to save for retirement, etc. You are not selling a switch. You are selling increased audio realism.
  4. Would you be willing to try a great power supply and do an addendum to the article?
  5. To get the best SQ, the eR should be powered by an LPS-1.2 and very short power cable...ie, the same drill as with the uR...Is that correct? Thank you.. G
  6. Thank you. Please get behind this 'revolution'. You are a Senior Member. What would you do to help change the norm?
  7. k-when the person who started the thread modifies it, it often becomes a flame war. I'm not interested in feeding the monster. I'm after something different: An agreement by the group that we will not go off topic and when someone does go off topic, they are called out and no one responds to the off topic post. I'm trying to change the cultural norm here that going off topic is OK. G
  8. We do agree that off topic is a problem. I am trying to do something about it by bringing it up. My suggestion is: If you start a thread and people respond off topic, post to them in public they are off topic. If enough of us do that, then a new norm should be developed. After enough of us do that, then we might approach Chris...but, the is Chris's way of making a living so I do not expect him to really engage in setting of this type of normative statement with his voice. It is up to us; Chris is not our Dad.
  9. It was a specific query...and if 1 person answered it and I got the information I need to solve the problem, that would be fine. Thank you for your input and ideas re using the battery as a source.
  10. Where is the off topic button? Thank you G
  11. It's fun if that's what you think is fun. What I think is fun is getting the information I need to answer the question I have and with that information fix the problem and go have fun.
  12. It's a matter of group norms. It is up to us to tell people they are off topic and to stop posting off topic. If enough people do it, the norm will change.
  13. I get it, 'the group' does not want to stay on topic. Thank you for responding. I was willing to try because of the experience I have related my other hobby. I race a Porsche in SCCA and the related websites, of SCCA, PCA, and Pelican Parts, provide thousands of threads related to car preparation and maintenance...all self governing related to staying very much on topic. When I need information, I get it from engineers and racers without having to read through everyone's MM.
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