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  1. What happened to the thread? Several interesting back and forth going on.
  2. I've often experienced the same phenomenon: live music does not have "air". But soundstage is a reproduction of the area covered by the mikes and live music can have slam and bloom. That said, I think the basic idea is true that we often experience the reproduction of music with heightened 'drama' many times.
  3. I would appreciate it if you or someone would diagram how it will be used to need two-optical conversion "switches". I am also a bit lost as to how the new upTone switch fits in, if anyone would venture that. I hope that is inappropriate for this thread. I apologize if it disturbs someone's sensibilities...but the companies are all kissing cousins as far as I can tell...so it seems OK.
  4. Please count me in for a unit. And good luck with putting it into production.
  5. Superdad-I've just spent 2-days reading this. 1st-Thank you and John S for your involvement in audio. Your company, SGC and Sonore have changed the level of enjoyment in my and our musical lives. 2nd-Your patience in moderating is amazing. G
  6. Stop reading now. It becomes derivative and troll filled. I'm sure you have something better to do with your time.
  7. It was a great time. There were very knowledgeable people there. I got lucky and sat with several designers who were willing to talk about what they were working on. Many people with strong opinions; not a surprise. My only suggestion would be to have 1 or 2 people in the room speak about some aspect of CA that they have mastered. 10 minute max each speaker with 10-15 minutes of questions. In time, people will sign up to talk, I believe. my vote is Berkeley is a good central location for the Bay area.
  8. Thank you, Chris. I learned a good bit by sitting quietly and listening. Lots of knowledgeable people.
  9. This has been a learning experience. I had no idea the ATV was rendering the signal. I get it to have A+ do that and let the ATV pass it along. Then, what I've been calling a pre-amp (many years of habit) is actually an HT processor, so the Dac in that is the 'dac'. So, in using an outboard DAC I'd use the 'ht bypass' I'd imagine. I'm now thinking of getting a better HT pre-processor with better internal DAC than using an outboard dac...but then upgrading is harder. Under any circumstances I appreciate everyone's input
  10. Thank you. I'm so used to audio equipment pre-amps, I didn't realize there was an dac in the pre-amp for the audio only. Like I said when I started this, I was missing something basic.
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