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  1. Ok. I reread it. Got it. I'd gotten to thinking about using a v g DAC I had here and lost the thread.
  2. I am in way over my head in this, but: Though Roon can change 2 in to 4+ out, it still needs an 4+out dac? Or what am I missing? Thank you in advance.
  3. I was using the power supply that came with the ST. I could only guess that the JS-2 would be better... since as we upgrade power supplies we all seem to experience increased SQ.
  4. The ST and the JS-2 are currently on the floor next to the other gear, which is in a rack.The JS-2 is only feeding the ST, at this time.
  5. Alex and John. I keep wanting to write and tell you about the true jump in 'this is real 'that the JS2 has created by driving my Sonic Transport...but I have a hard time not just listening to CDs I've been playing for years and am now hearing intention and emotionality in ways that are new and that create goose bumps. I can never thank you enough for the pleasure your products have and are bringing me as I listen to my system. I get it that I owe a debt to Hegel and Atma-sphere and Sonore, Magnepan and Analysis-Plus and Small Green...but your products seem to be the m
  6. I don't think most people appreciate what you keep trying to teach them...re the noise being kicked back into the mains.
  7. Wait till you add the Sonore (xRendu) and upTone (eRegen) components...you will be amazed.
  8. Eight years later and this idea that wires don't make a difference is still a thing??? That this is true is a laugh. Does anyone arguing this point even own a system sensitive enough capture the differences? If you do, you will hear differences. If you don't, you have no dog in the fight. It is just another thing that makes you angry with the world...and only one of many such things in all likelihood. What you are arguing is this: In a complex throughput system...a system without limiting controls that manage system throughput and output....that a change to any component of th
  9. Thank you for your help Stay safe We're in it together...we can do it together
  10. I rebooted the sonic transporter and ....music. that said, I'd like to know what an LMS is and how to turn it off..if it should be turned off :-)
  11. Ok that wasn't't the problem. Roon would find the music file but not play it. I 1) removed the power cables from the Rendu and the DAC, turned DAC off. 2) reconnected them after a minute and turned the DAC back on 3) went to apps (sonicorbiter)/DAC diagnostics and confirmed the dAC was present 4) went to settings/Roon Ready and pressed save 5) went to Roon/settings/audio and enabled the Rendu Roon would find the music file but not play it. That has typically worked in the past. An anomaly: In 5) above...Settings, S
  12. will try but doubt it. The unit is in open space in my basement. I will try and report back, however
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