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  1. I don't think most people appreciate what you keep trying to teach them...re the noise being kicked back into the mains.
  2. Wait till you add the Sonore (xRendu) and upTone (eRegen) components...you will be amazed.
  3. Eight years later and this idea that wires don't make a difference is still a thing??? That this is true is a laugh. Does anyone arguing this point even own a system sensitive enough capture the differences? If you do, you will hear differences. If you don't, you have no dog in the fight. It is just another thing that makes you angry with the world...and only one of many such things in all likelihood. What you are arguing is this: In a complex throughput system...a system without limiting controls that manage system throughput and output....that a change to any component of the system (that is not replacing a component with another with completely identical parameters) makes no difference in the system throughput and output. That argument doesn't make sense to me....work with any systems engineer and they will tell you that the real work in systems engineering is selecting and tuning the components of the system so the components create the sought after throughput and output...They will tell you: Every component of the system makes a difference. So, arguing that that there is no difference between components effect on the throughput and output of the system is naive, at best, from my perspective. Take it or leave it. I will not comment on arguments against that point. Why? I once tried to have a discussion with a flat earther that the world was not flat....Remember Einstein's famous quote about the operational definition of craziness. The real question that seems to drive some people crazy here is:Is the difference worth the money? My question to such people who are driven crazy by such questions is: Why do you give a fuck about what other people do with their lives and money? Since I now resemble that remark, I'll leave stage left :-).
  4. Thank you for your help Stay safe We're in it together...we can do it together
  5. I rebooted the sonic transporter and ....music. that said, I'd like to know what an LMS is and how to turn it off..if it should be turned off :-)
  6. Ok that wasn't't the problem. Roon would find the music file but not play it. I 1) removed the power cables from the Rendu and the DAC, turned DAC off. 2) reconnected them after a minute and turned the DAC back on 3) went to apps (sonicorbiter)/DAC diagnostics and confirmed the dAC was present 4) went to settings/Roon Ready and pressed save 5) went to Roon/settings/audio and enabled the Rendu Roon would find the music file but not play it. That has typically worked in the past. An anomaly: In 5) above...Settings, Sonictransport, the page that I used to enable the opticalrendu, in the Squeezebox part of the page I'm getting the searching symbol. It states, "if you don't see your Squeezebox devices make sure that LMS is turned off. 1) I don't really know what a squeezebox device is, is the rendu a squeezebox device? and I don't know what and where an LMS is in order to turn it off. Does this have anything to do with my issue? How do I find the LMS and turn it off. It's funny...or not...I'm doing this without understanding any of the process that I'm trying to use to make the music work. So, please make suggestions concrete. Thank you
  7. will try but doubt it. The unit is in open space in my basement. I will try and report back, however
  8. Music stopped after chattering. I restored 'machines' and need to point to orendu I went to sonicorbiter.com and tried to 'manage' the orendu, it generates address but over a two day period, the address cannot be opened up...it hangs up. Help appreciated
  9. What is interesting is that all of these changes continue to make the SQ improve...and that I always think better SQ is out there. I'm satisfied...even amazed...but more is out there and I'm going find it. :-) But...if this was it, I'd be OK.
  10. I put the Unison modded Yiggi back in. Well, the magic is back in spades: Definitely smoother and more relaxed...brought a smile to my face. Greater separation front to back, especially. More low level detail..a bit. Timbers and more full. A little more realistic sounding. Not as different as putting in the oRendu or the eRegen...( I did not expect that kind of change) but it adds to what those components did to the system. Well worth the cost...a no brainer if you are wondering if it's worth it.
  11. Bump-Amazingly few responses. I'm on the list from 2-weeks ago, 48 of 48.
  12. This discussion is a slice of the discussion life on AS....how could it be anything else? I support what Chris is trying to do I do not believe the issue really is the defined categories...subjectivists and objectivists, which carry their own inherent biases. But I get the need to do something. And, let's see how it works. Go for it Chris. I think at a human level, some people are in love with their own ideas and that shows by how they promulgate the same ideas over and over in situations where the ideas are not wanted or are specifically germane to the original question and where the ideas move the thread from the original intent to the "interloper's"intent. Chris can try...and it will be a lot of work for him, but my experience in organizational development tells me that ONLY the group can control itself by changing the unwritten rules of the group's culture. This is power struggle between those group members who 'want subjects to start on topic, who value civility in forums such as this...people who are willing to 'let it go to keep the process civil' and those group members who value their freedom to respond exactly how they want. Chris wants his life's work to be successful and not go the 'way of the internet'....while others love the way of the internet. It doesn't have much to do with objectivists and subjectivists. Those are labels that people are using that really are more related to their interactional style. It is up to the group: If you post and you believe someone is antagonistic...do not post back. Let it go and if they push, do not respond...your manhood or womanhood is not at stake. If you start a thread and someone takes it to a different place than you intended and it is clear they are pushing their own agenda, remove them, it's your thread.
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