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  1. I replaced the optical module with ether regen. 24-hours in: I have an insatiable desire to listen and my foot can't stop tapping when I listen to music with a beat. What's different so far is lower noise floor, better harmonics and more data in mid bass, more precise stops and starts of notes and more detail in and surrounding the notes....Space between people more clearly defined...but there seems to be sound in that space, not grain. If you are on the fence about replacing the optical module, my experience so far is that it is worth it, no question. I will report next week with listening notes and more info re my system so you can judge, but the system basis is ER-optical rendu-Atma-Sphere MP1 pre amp-Hegel Amp and magneplanar speakers, with Analysis-Plus top of their line loom, bluejeans ethernet cables and Wireworld Platinum USB. Thank you John and Superdad
  2. Thank you. I took the cage out of the optical module and put it in the ER.
  3. I just received the ER. In the unit I received, the optical cage is an optical cave...ie there is no connecting SFP mechanism...just a mounting hole. Help.
  4. And the Sonore PS sounds even better.
  5. The etherREGEN. does something quite different than the OM & OR. I believe, the choice is use both ER and OM & OR or replace the OM with the etherREGEN.
  6. Yes. I'll try it with and without the opticalModule. They are doing different things so I expect 'with' will sound best. That said, at this point, I don't know how much better this all gets. The changes I've made since going digital were all incremental...until the UltraRendu and the LPS-1.2. That was a jump that was not just incremental. The Optical setup was closer to incremental over the ultraRendu I think because the wire leading into my house is optical. I have nothing that has attaked the problem sources that this will. It may be incremental or more...I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Alex-Sorry I did not see your above post. I get it you want to move it back to the Ether Regen. Sorry.
  8. You ask what would work for me? As you are asking me personally, I'll answer you. What would work for me is for Alex to value himself and his efforts as much as we value him. At a broader level, Alex works hard for his money, too...and deserves to get paid for the VALUE of what he brings to us, not paid for producing the mechanical box with minimal mark-up. The VALUE these mechanical boxes bring us is joy and wonderment. I can't put a price on it. Alex and John must do that. In order to get us closer to what is embedded in the 1s & 0s. Alex and John have spent tens of years training and tens of thousands of hours obsessing over details to be able to create the value that the box creates. They should charge what will compensate them for the tens of thousands of hours they spent in order to get to the place where they can create that joy and wonderment...and we need to figure out how to pay for it...if we want the value they are bringing to us.
  9. Alex, charge what you need to charge to make a good profit. If the switch does everything you say it does, make a real profit. You re running a business that will need to make enough money to take you through the lean times and you need to save for retirement, etc. You are not selling a switch. You are selling increased audio realism.
  10. Would you be willing to try a great power supply and do an addendum to the article?
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