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  1. My Linn Organik KDSM is fully vaccinated!
  2. Looking back at a response from their COO, it looks like if you use Roon and do the core decode, Roon pays. If you don't, no payment https://community.roonlabs.com/t/why-do-manufacturers-support-mqa/155965/294?u=7ryder
  3. Technically, Roon only pays royalties to MQA when the user plays a file that is MQA encoded. If you don't use Tidal w/ Roon, there are no royalties being paid.
  4. FWIW (and YMMV), I've demoed an Innuos Statement and an Antipodes K50 in my system directly connected via ethernet to my Linn KDSM/2 and, even after copying files from my NAS to these servers, I didn't hear a difference versus having the KDSM (and my dedicated SGC I9 server) connected to a Melco S100 switch. I did hear a difference using a Melco N10 vs streaming from my NAS, but interesting enough, having the SGC I9, N10 and KDSM connected to the S100 instead of connecting the KDSM to the N10 via ethernet directly sounds better. Frankly, the S100 made a big improvement
  5. Linn hasn't drunk the Fool-aid either and my Organik KDSM sounds great!
  6. If you're looking on your phone, you have to click on "go to desktop site" on the bottom of the page, then you'll see the comments.
  7. I just subscribed as well.
  8. It's not really about which streaming services Roon supports, it is which streaming services will work with Roon so that their catalog can interact with the Roon software so users see both their local library and the streaming service's library as one.
  9. I stopped buying their stuff when they introduced the Bridge v1 for the PerfectWave DAC and it wouldn't play gapless music. Turns out they didn't know that was a "thing".
  10. Yeah, interesting how he pulled that stunt. Then again, I'd hardly expect him to tell people not to buy a product his company sells to customers. #Hypocrite
  11. Have you tried getting an answer at the MiniDSP forum?
  12. You might get more responses if you post in the software forum https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/forum/10-software/ There are several threads there regarding AO
  13. Amir is a jerk and he proved what kind of person he is after he jumped ugly with you over your comment about "money makes the world go round and it's no different here" (he was triggered and thought that "here" meant ASR when it was obvious to myself and others that "here" meant MQA). And, then, to not apologize to you when you clarified your statement that "here" did indeed mean MQA, that proved what a little man he is. BTW, I think you've been a true professional through all this with some of the criticisms you've been getting. I'm not sure that I would be able to rise abo
  14. He's right! http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/yamaha-cdx-1100-149.html
  15. I have a couple of Farad Super3s in my system powering my Orbi satellite and my Melco S100 switch. They made a big difference in the SQ of my Linn KDSM. I don't know if 489 Euros is cheap for you or not, but I highly recommend this power supply. https://faradpowersupplies.com/shop/en/
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