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  1. I have a couple of Farad Super3s in my system powering my Orbi satellite and my Melco S100 switch. They made a big difference in the SQ of my Linn KDSM. I don't know if 489 Euros is cheap for you or not, but I highly recommend this power supply. https://faradpowersupplies.com/shop/en/
  2. I demoed an Innuos Statement in my system to use with a Linn Klimax DSM streamer and the Melco S100 w/ Farad Super3 power supply that I already owned outperformed the direct ethernet connection from the Statement. I suggest that you give the Melco a trial if you have a chance.
  3. I tried the K50 both ways - with both the KDSM and my Trinnov Amethyst as endpoints and both connected direct to its ethernet out. But there is no way to use it instead of the KDSM, it doesn't have a built-in DAC.
  4. I agree, if you're going to connect a server to send files over network, in my experience, I've never heard a difference so I demoed a Statement over Thanksgiving and then had an Antipodes K50 in the house a few weeks later. I wanted to try both since they both have a direct ethernet connection to use with a streamer/endpoint, in my case a Linn KDSM (I currently use a SGC i7 running Win10, AO & Fidelizer as my server and use Roon exclusively). To be honest, in my system, I didn't hear much, if any, difference using either of these units directly connected to my KDSM so I sent b
  5. ChrisG

    Server OS

    Do you know where he purchased the software from? Their site doesn't indicate they have dealers in the USA. Thanks.
  6. I've owned a BDA-3.14 since February and use it as a Roon endpoint in my living room surround system. I think it sounds better than using the Trinnov Altitude 16's built in Roon capabilities, just as I thought my Linn Klimax DSM sounded better than the A16 (the KDSM is now in a dedicated 2-channel room). In fact. both of these streamers use similar AK DAC chips with excellent output stages and do have a similar, engaging sound. Regarding the comments in the review, I agree that Manic Moose is terrible and, if I didn't have Roon, I'd be very disappointed that I had to use that inte
  7. Up for sale is my JS-2 in mint condition. It has all original accessories (plus one extra DC cord): - One (1) 5-foot DC cable w/ 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug at the device end (2.5mm at JS-2 end) which I used with a Regen - One (1) 5-foot DC cable w/ 5.5mm x 2.5mm plug on both ends. Both cables are from Uptone Audio and are shielded, star-quad with 4 conductors of tinned, stranded 18AWG; paired at the connector that makes it about a heavy 15AWG. Gold/copper/brass Oyaide DC barrel plugs from Japan at both ends. - 1 SMA coax cable for optional activation of JS-2's uniqu
  8. Not sure what you mean by the KDS not being a Roon endpoint. While it is true that you can't group Linn DS units with other Roon endpoints, it should show up in Roon as a Roon Ready device. I know my KDSM does, and I was an Alpha tester when Roon & Linn were working out the kinks.
  9. I own a Klimax DSM and, as others have pointed out, Linn & Roon have worked out an endpoint solution (you can't group Linn DS players with other Roon endpoints, long story), so other than setting up a Roon Core on a PC, you don't need anything extra to start using Roon, provided your KDS is current on its software updates. You will need to have a Roon core installed to use Roon and you could put that on any computer in the house that is connected to your LAN. And, while using a switch just for your KDS might improve things, if you're already streaming from your QNAP and your r
  10. Do you mean that your Qobuz subscription limits you to Redbook? AFAIK Roon doesn't have any limits on resolution or bit depth
  11. You forgot to mention that Amir was kicked off his own website for being an a**, luckily, for some, Chris is a bit more tolerant here.
  12. While I haven't visited head-fi for a long time, there was/(is?) a dedicated Chord thread in their forums and Chord's digital guru, Robert Watts, regularly chimed in, or at least he used to, and he was quite willing to answer people's questions on all things Chord DACs. And while I'm sure you'll be able to get more clarity on what the M-Scaler does on that thread, from what I remember (as a former DAVE owner, but never owned the M-scaler), the M-Scaler adds to the number of "taps" that the DAVE already has and boosts the total to one million taps (actually 1,015,808 taps) which, according t
  13. I was interested in trying one out and sent them a note using their contact form, but never heard back. Guess they're just not interested in new business.
  14. They're taking pre-orders here https://cruxaudio.com/products/snh-10g $800 for the base model, jumps to $1500 when you add the SCLK-EX. Maybe it's just me, but sure seems steep for a switch - better sound amazing!
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