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  1. Dear experts,😀 Could you please help me understand what real-world throughput I can possibly get for the following setup (please note DASD employs Intel JHL7440 Thunderbolt 3 controller Chris discussed in his article)?❓ iMac <--> Thunderbolt™ 3 Optical Cable <--> OWC ThunderBay Flex 8😀 Does the throughput depend on the direction of the data flow?❓ Cable length?❓ HDD / SSD / RAID configuration employed? Any optimum (performance / price) configuration you would recommend?❓ Any Thunderbolt controller with native Thunderbolt 4 or USB 4.0 support (at least
  2. RAID 5 it is! Definitely need to find a solution for this... I wonder if RAID DASD's (something like LaCie 6/12big where aluminum enclosure dissipates heat significantly better than plastic) are less noisy, and if they are, by how much...
  3. Thank you very kindly, dear experts! In terms of NAS, QNAP TVS-872XT does fit the requirements perfectly. Just a bit "heavy" at ~ 2.2K... What max transfer speed can I possibly achieve? @plisskengets ~ 38MB/s, which is pretty good... I guess nothing beats Thunderbolt 3 DASD if higher throughput is required... That is the plan! I think even I can do the "surgery". Crucial offerings look pretty good. What RAID level did you employ, please?
  4. Thank you very kindly, dear experts! I will try to use the storage room for my NAS (wired connection), and if not, it will sit about 3-4 feet from my desk: so noise is definitely a consideration for me. I was thinking of some kind of soundproof enclosure to put the NAS into, but this, most probably, will not work because of possible NAS overheating ( 215 BTU/hr on Access and 117 BTU/hr while in Hibernation )... Yes, QNAP TVS-*72XT Series looks most attractive, but Synology does offer some interesting opportunities as well (at a bit lower price point). Could you please
  5. Thank you very kindly, dear experts! If I can get my away establishing wired connection using readily available CAT-6a cable, I will go this route (superior throughput and latency), and if not, I will try to implement approach kindly outlined by @plissken. Still a million dollar question remains: which NAS providing 90 - 100TB raw capacity would you, dear experts, recommend for my use case, please? IMHO, offering dual Thunderbolt 3 ports QNAP TVS-*72XT Series looks most attractive. Any alternatives from other manufacturers you could recommend to consider for my use case, please?
  6. First of all, thank you very kindly for your most appreciated help, Kal! Yes, this is the case indeed: I am running all my apps (Audirvana, VLC, DiskCatalogMaker) on my iMac, and, just in case it is important, I am using this Fibre+ Gateway 2.0 modem. The cost of using All-SSDs is just way too high for me, unfortunately: will have to employ mechanical HDDs instead (or at least some combination of HDDs and SSDs). I was trying to make sense of multiple offerings from QNAP, but just drowned... One NAS looks particularly interesting: TS-h973AX-32G. It is a relatively compact Tower (7.
  7. Dear experts, I have a dozen or so various DASD (Thunderbolt, USB) containing my media files (movies, pics, Hi-Rez music) to work (just to watch and listen, predominantly) with on my 24-inch iMac, which became just way too inconvenient, and am looking for a better solution. I see QNAP NAS products are quite popular among the experts on this forum (please see “Running a Large Roon Library on a QNAP TVS-872XT” article by Chris, and the following fruitful discussion, for example). I am not running any room correction or convolution, I don't stream, use local on
  8. That alone tells you a lot about their integrity! I will never hesitate to recommend Shunyata.😁
  9. Thank you very kindly, dear experts!😃 For some reason the guy didn't like the idea. Oh, well, some people are like that... I'll definitely get one for my office. I heard CyberPower is another reputable brand. O.K. than this is definitely the way to go! Could you please give me a few names/models, if possible? I am not positive I can trust the kid in this regard: he is just an apprentice... What a brilliant idea! How come I didn't think of it from the beginning?! Better late than never!
  10. Thank you very kindly, dear experts!😃 I take it UPS is out... 😒 My neighbor's kid, an apprentice electrician, told me his mentor has recently installed a so-called "Whole House Surge Protector" for a guy running quality audio/video setup at home (along with the usual set of household appliances, of course). The kid dropped a few names for me (not sure if I got them correctly): Siemens, Intermatic (?), EATON, Leviton (?), Schneider (?) Electric.💭 Will you please be so kind to comment on the negative, and positive moments of such undertaking for audio fidelity, dear experts?😃 It y
  11. @oneguy, Thank you very kindly! While I am trying to comprehend what you are talking about, I thought about employing UPS in audio... Is it a good idea at all? Harmonic Distortion looks a bit too high at < 3% at Linear Load ( < 5% at Non-Linear Load) to my liking... Earlier @MarkusBarkus noted: "They also recommended I plug both of my Luxman m900s and the c900 pre into the other dedicated line, with another Defender. Remaining gear in the UberBuss...or buy a Denali." Could you please, dear experts, give me your opinion on the efficiency of the UberBuss? I
  12. Oh, I see now... What power amp does require 400 W/Ch, if I may ask, please? I take it it is Maximum Continuous Load, and by doubling it you cover any peak current requirements? Do I understand correctly balanced power you employ does offer some advantages over "straight" Isolation Transformers like Tripp Lite or Eaton? Now I am starting to think of Balanced Power Supply like this one or that... The problem is they provide 1.5 kVA ans 1 kVA respectively, only... I kind of like the U.K. offer better... I wish I was a handy guy, but all I can do is to play piano...
  13. Thank you! I think the easiest way for me will be to get an old Topaz, and just use a simple power strip from Tripp Lite. Could you please help me understand why your setup needs a 2.4 kVA monster?😀
  14. The Eaton is definitely out then. Would you still advise to use an old Topaz between the wall and my gear even in case I cannot wire in a dedicated line, please? My digital front end does not consume much, but I have two Fathom® f110v2-GLOSS subs. What figure for their combined power consumption should I take, please? It cannot be 2.2 kW, can it? And what for my two power amps? Would 200 W + 200 W give us accurate enough estimate? A million dollar question: what Topaz model(s) should satisfy my needs? Enigma... @oneguy, I am reading through the
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