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  1. Well, you know, Porsches vs. Hondas and all that.... 😉
  2. If budget is no object, whatever Spectral's top of the line is these days.
  3. Yeah, not to get caught up too much in semantics, it would be a re-attempt. One reason I can't imagine too much difficulty with this is that I've actually downloaded stuff in FLAC rather than the AIFF format I prefer, and when I go back to download in AIFF rather than bothering with conversion I've had no trouble. If things are as you say I wonder if the Qobuz folks here could work out a solution for you.
  4. That seems like the avenue, unless you have already tried it and been denied (which would seem very odd to me, since as I noted I've never encountered a Qobuz policy against re-downloading; quite the opposite): Request they provide your purchase to you in a different manner.
  5. This seems very unusual to me. In 2+ years of a Qobuz subscription I haven't ever encountered a recording I couldn't simply re-download if there was any problem at all (always on my end so far as I recall). How long was the period during which you tried to download your purchase?
  6. Yep, negative. Seven years apart, I noticed.
  7. Then you'll be able to provide me a very negative review of an expensive component?
  8. HP started Absolute Sound as a rebellion against the audio mags of the day that essentially acted as sales brochures for the equipment they reviewed. It took no advertising and specialized in acid comments that were tremendously entertaining (at least to me, certainly not the manufacturers). Now pretty much every print and online mag is back to what HP rebelled against. I don't consider them helpful in deciding what to audition or buy. @hopkins, I'm not sure you could have a clearer demonstration that rankings of components are virtually never objective. It's going to be up to the
  9. And yet I've read stuff here where people say we've got it as audibly perfect as can be for all practical purposes. I'm guessing you might not agree. Do you think we're even close enough for there to be an objective "best"?
  10. As a recently retired attorney, I can tell you there were times I wished there were a supporting precedent, but no luck. 🙂
  11. Sorry I didn't make clear I wasn't referring to your system in particular. I was just talking about the possibility there might be other explanations than lack of noise for any given system where one notices the ability to understand lyrics. Live acoustic music is indeed a different experience. But should it be? Many people say it's the goal to reproduce that experience, and if so we're falling short (audio-wise).
  12. Thank you for the very nice music. I didn't really nail it, though. Yes, I got the kora - I listen to African music, the track had just enough of an African flavor to make me start thinking that way, and the kora has a pretty unique sound (kind of a cross between a harp and a lute, for European folks). But as far as I know, Touré would have been playing a regular acoustic guitar rather than the acoustic bass guitar that I guessed.
  13. I hate to be That Guy in response to your very good point, but consider this: What if you're hearing the vocals better because the speakers have a presence hump in the vocal range? @PeterSt said something once that has stayed with me, which is that if you hear an audio system performing impressively, something is wrong. Think about it: Someone sits in front of you in a small room playing an acoustic guitar and singing - do you throw up your hands and say "My god, how resolving! What detail!"? Then why should a system which faithfully reproduces a good recording of that scene caus
  14. If the difference compared to the same track would be immediately obvious, then what mattered would be whatever was closer to your notion of what a violin ought to sound like. With period instruments, there is no assurance this would be the reproduction that was more faithful to the recording.
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