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  1. Is QuTS hero going to replace QTS long term? Seems odd to have these as separate products, can't we just have QTS with ZFS if that's what you want?
  2. Yeah, it creates its own index of files and tags (to speed operation) and its own record of the assessments and fixes that have been made.
  3. Unfortunately this has been a problem since Music.app was released. I check on this once a month or so, and it appears no-one still has any idea of the factors affecting what artwork shows in Music.app and what doesn't. iTunes was much more reliable on this. I've even tried opening the internal SQLite databases to see if I could link things up, to no avail! If you find anything out, I'd be interested in knowing!
  4. Interesting run-through Chris. ... this is so annoying though and reminds me of YouTube Music. It really makes the service feel like it's a playback-only solution - i.e. your local collection must remain "gold" and push changes to Vox. There are actually quite a few solutions in this arena. Not all bundle the storage - some also allow you to playback from existing storage (e.g. a Google Drive, or whatever).
  5. I suspect the generic storage services will be much better in terms of not overwriting metadata - after all, they should just be storing data, not overwriting it as they see fit. The music lockers, on the other hand, may have more convoluted approaches to managing your library, and this might be where issues creep in. I don't think they should but I find it unsurprising they do... if that makes sense.
  6. @Mike27 Yes, this is a thing. I should've linked to some examples actually because as it reads right now it seems like I've just attempted to insert a bit of FUD... Exhibit A: YouTube Music https://www.reddit.com/r/musichoarder/comments/o1purr/recovering_metadata_from_youtube_music_library/ Exhibit B: Apple Music (when Match replaces with a lossless version; it appears possible to get the old version back) https://www.reddit.com/r/AppleMusic/comments/nwtyh4/apple_lossless_desktop_follow_up/
  7. The only issue with speed would be upload/download. The actual tagging difference should be negligible. Plenty of good points here, but this is a different use case to music consumption which is the main concern here. In general I'd advise erring toward recording as little metadata as you need.
  8. Not sure whether to admire, laugh, cry... 😃
  9. If you mean BRIO, that would be a type of music locker - it's a useful redundant copy, but as I have said it is not a full backup service. Depending on the value of your collection it may or may not be appropriate.
  10. This is a fair question. If bit-rot is manifest as a change in the byte stream for any given file then yes, it could be transferred. This is precisely why snapshotting, as supported by the backup services (as opposed to most of the more generic and music focused services) is important. If you can find the last time the file(s) were good, you can roll back to that time. There may be many files affected. In addition, managing the integrity of your files, i.e. detecting bit-rot, is likely to be a separate management task dealt with by separate services.
  11. Very much so - when I think of all our family photos and videos... and, of course, the "sync" and "backup" services can be used for non-audio media.
  12. You have to be careful with that though. If you don't automate this there's a good chance you'll forget, or something else will get in the way. Humans are best at creativity, not routine - we get easily bored - "I'll just skip it this month, it'll be fine". I know, I know, some of us are better than others but... Put another way, it depends on the value of the library.
  13. It comes down to your constraints. First of all - if you were to lose the library, or part of it, is that actually an issue? Maybe a strange question to ask, but, if not, there's not necessarily much point in spending money and time on a solution. Backblaze Personal Backup offers unlimited backup storage: https://www.backblaze.com/cloud-backup.html. They are a reputable company - no bait and switch here.
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