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  1. Excellent thorough review that answered all my questions and saved me a lot of time. Thanks Chris. Well Done!
  2. 1. Money Jungle - Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Max Roach 2. Sticky Fingers - The Rolling Stones. 3. Beethoven String Quartet Op. 131 - The Lindsay Quartet.
  3. wonderful musical speakers. i listen to a lot of choral music and the Harbeth's reproduce human voices better than anything else i've heard. listening to vocal duos or solo voice accompanied by a small ensemble they are very lifelike. the only other speakers that i seriously auditioned were B & W 802Ds and monitor audio PL 300s. both a little better in the low end but i live in the midrange. I think i will hold on to these for a long time.
  4. Nothing unique about my story. I loved hifi gear since i was a kid of fouteen. I assembled a decent midfi system in college in the mid 80s and parts of it stayed with me over the years. I was listening to mp3s on my computer speakers before iTunes and when iTunes came out i really liked the interface. it was a great way to organize songs and i loved making and updating playlists, but i was always disapointed by the way mp3s sounded. About 3 years ago i met a guy at work who had really nice set up that sounded phenomenal and it inspired me to update my old system. Reading reviews eventually
  5. I got seriously infected with the upgrade bug about 2 1/2 years ago - i blame this on a new friend whose system blew me away. I replaced everything since then - the speakers twice. I'm very happy now and don't feel the urge to change anything ...yet... The one old piece i have is a Marantz CD player that almost never gets used since the change to a digital server. MacMini -> V-Link -> Bryston BDA1 DAC -> Mcintosh MA 6500 ->Harbeth M40.1
  6. Gillian and David Rawlings sound better than ever on this new release. Their first in a long time. Fans of acoustic music should check it out
  7. Part time Hospitalist - i take care of sick old people. Part time Kayaker - "you kayak like its your job" to quote a friend - doesn't pay but it doesn't have to Mint Chocolate Chip.
  8. can't wait to hear Chris on the radio, I'm sure it will be great.<br /> <br /> careless
  9. I agree amps are important, but maybe they're a little less CA then DACs and music servers, but theres a speaker forum, so why not an amp forum. I love my Mcintosh Integrated. Best amp i've ever owned by a longshot, but i'm really intrigued by the class D amps that a lot of people say are getting a lot better. The only ones i've heard were pretty cheap and sounded kind of "restrained" i guess for lack of a better word. I haven't had a chance to audition any of the better ones. Macmini->V-link->Bryston BDA1->Mcintosh MA 6500->Harbeth M40.1
  10. I use a Macmini with a 2TB external drive as my main server with Time Machine Backing up to a seperate 2 TB external hard drive. I recently had a minor panic where i thought my HD crashed (turns out it was the USB cable) and the Time Machine Backups were easily accessed and played flawlessly. I wouldn't presume to say its the best way to back up but it is pretty idiot proof and it works. careless MacMini->V-link->Bryston BDA1->Mcintosh Ma6500->Harbeth M40.1
  11. thanks to everyone for your suggestions. It turns out it was the cable. i swapped it out for an old one i had lying around and everything is back to normal. I am happily listening, beautiful music everywhere.... peace careless
  12. I have a Macmini with a 2 TB Western Digital external hard drive with about 800 GB of music on it. Sometime last night my Mac stopped recognizing the hard drive. When i try to play a track it can't find the track and when i look in disc utility the drive isn't listed. The power to the hard drive is on and the USB cable is plugged in. I have everything backed up to another western digital hard drive using Time Machine and when i opened time machine backups i could play tracks from it that i added last night. I have another brand new 2TB hard drive that isn't hooked up to anything yet.
  13. i have a mid-fi CD player hooked up to my DAC but find that i very rarely use it. Its nice to have the option if for some reason the server is inaccessible, but once you've ripped your CD collection you may find you aren't using it very much. I agree with daRascal's suggestion. Don't spend a lot on a transport that you may find you hardly ever use once you get used to the convenience of a music server.
  14. I have purchased 14 high res albums from HD tracks and two from Linn. Another 2 from the Boston Symphony Orchestra and I've downloaded 8 or 9 albums from B & W. HD tracks' library has grown a lot in the last year. If i had to pick the best of them all it would be the Dunnedin Consort B-minor mass. macmini->V-link->Bryston BDA1->Mcintosh Ma6500->Harbeth M40.1s
  15. I've been using a Hiface for about a year and recently decided to try a V-Link. While either one is a clearly audible improvement from USB directly into my DAC, I can't really say that one is superior to the other. I would be interested in the opinions of others with maybe more discriminating ears. I Haven't tried the bridge<br /> <br /> Macmini->V-Link->Bryston BDA1->Mcintosh MA6500->Harbeth M 40.1
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