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  1. Thanks for this and someone on the Brennan forum has posted instructions on how to do. Think the Lumin is going to be my treat to self. Below is the advice from the Brennan forum. The B2 does offer both NAS and DLNA services. The DLNA will need to be switched on via a front panel menu function found in: 'Settings'-->'Maintenance'-->'DLNA' This is an 'On/Off' switch. A note of caution here; if you have DLNA switched on, you cannot use the latest Sonos software as they are currently mutually exlusive.
  2. Thanks, that’s really useful. I’ve posted the question on the Brennan Forum to see if they have any planned updated for this. If I get a reply I can post back on here.
  3. Hi Just hoping for a bit of advice. I’m planning on updating my streamer to a Lumin D2 as this is how I listen to the bulk of my music. However, I also have a about 20,000 tracks ripped at lossless format from my CDs on a Brennan B2. Probably about 80% of these are available on streaming services but I’d like to set my B2 up as a NAS and wondered if anyone has experience of doing this. From everything I’m reading it looks compatible, but didn’t want the disappointment of purchasing and then not been able to do this. Thanks in advance.
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