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  1. There are 3 A-side connections all are blinking when ROON is working properly. My Desktop PC: green Music Server PC: amber To Router: amber Currently ROON will track properly for several hours 7 to 10 and then skip a track or give the message "audiofile loading slowly". During this time the B-side has a constant amber light and a blinking green light. When ROON is working properly both lights are constant.
  2. The internet connection to the EtherREGEN has been stable. I have not yet attempted to deal with the "leasing issue". Currently, (with and without the ISO REGEN, ROON is stopping/skipping tracks and periodically losing connection to the sMS200ultra (which is now at the current firmware version).
  3. At the time of our telephone conversation, the ISO REGEN was not in the circuit. I will try with the red switch in the "on" position. This afternoon the tracking and internet was very stable. This evening it started going off line and giving me the ROON "track is loading slowly error".
  4. Thank you for getting me started. I will go "off-line" for a while and get myself educated on optimizing my router. I will let you know, sometime soon, if I am able to resolve the "track stopping" issue.
  5. I used the "power-up" sequence the you suggested. It went very smoothly. Since that power-up, ROON as stopped about 6 times (every other track). Your "lease renewal" issue sound plausible. I recently purchased and installed a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X, which I hope will let me reserve an address for the sMS200ultra. How do I convert a MAC to an IP address; or perhaps the EdgeRouter Dashboard will let me enter a MAC address directly? Is there a "Networking for Dummies" that I can purchase?
  6. So, I should: 1. Power off the the ER, the audio computer, and the sMS200ultra 2. reconnect the ethernet cables 3. Power on the ER, then 4. Power on the sMS200ultra and the audio computer
  7. I have not been able to achieve a stable setup with ROON on a PC (WIN10), a JCAT net card FEMTO connected to the A-side of an etherREGEN (other A-side connections are a Ubiquiti EDGErouter X, and a PC/WIIN10). The B-side of the ER is connected to a SoTM sMS200ultra (using the latest Eunhasu software), which is connected to an isoREGEN. The DAC is a DSD-only Lampizator with a super-amanero card. None of the ethernet cables are shielded and the ER is grounded and both the ER and IR are using their onw Uptone switching PSs. I am converting all of the audio to DSD-256 (the only other DSP is to balance my left and right speakers. I am randomly losing my internet connection or skipping/stopping tracks in ROON. I am confident of my connecting cables and have optimized the Eunhasu, ROON, and WIN10 driver buffers. Additionally, I am running Cloudflare WARP. When I replace the etherREGEN with a stock NETGEAR switch (GS108) the network connection is stable and ROON does not skip or stop track. Currently the when the etherREGEN is in the setup it can be stable for many hours then go "crazy" until I replace it with the NETGEAR switch, which INSTANTLY reconnects the internet. When I switch back to the ER, it takes many minutes to re-establish a stable internet connection. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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