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  1. Dear Chris,<br /> Hi and Thank you for taking time to reply my mail, I appreciate your great works over here. Since the Musical Fidelity don't have Volume control, what do you think?( Is it Important ? ) or Should I use something like Music Hall' DAC 25.2 for more better result?<br /> Thank you and God bless<br /> <br /> Best Regards<br /> Teng
  2. Dear Chris Connaker,<br /> Hello Chris, good evening, I am Teng from MALAYSIA, I have one question for you, I am going to buy this Dynaudio MC15 Speakers for my New Apple iMac 27"" Do I need extra DAC, for this speaker? If I need one which DAC would you recommend? Thank you so much.<br /> <br /> <br /> p/s: I love Musical Fidelity V-DAC<br /> <br /> Best Regards<br /> Teng
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