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  1. Thank you. I noticed the issue as soon as I posted the pic. I got it fixed now. I can hear the music and controls over playing, skipping etc seem to work, but at first with a bit of a lag. I guess I can live with that. I noticed though that volume control doesn't work over Tidal Connect. It does work when I try to change volume from the Moode web interface. Not sure if that can be fixed though. It was working perfectly on Volumio.
  2. I tried the clean install and it didn't work either. RPi Tidal Connect was visible in the Tidal app, I was able to connect, but there was no sound in the amp. It seems like Raspberry Pi sees my amp, can output sound and control volume, but the Tidal Connect streamer on RPi cannot direct it correctly to my amp.
  3. Hi all. I played with it today and I can't make it work with my Hegel H390. It is connected to the RPi (4B) with Moode and the install from the top of this post and seems that Tidal Connect is running, but I hear no output sound. The app shows correct streamer name (Adam-Pi as per screenshot below) and it connects to the RPi. I am attaching a few screenshots with my current settings. I tried to play with (hw:y,z) parameters, but with no luck. I made a second setup with Volumio and I managed to get it to work flawlessly and even control hardware volume on my H390. The snag there is that Volumio
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