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  1. Currently using Pi2AES -> AES -> LiM. Yeah, the Pi2AES is money very well spent.
  2. I've found that after 24 hours of running, LiM sounds even better. I was also worried that the treble would be a bit too rolled off, or so smoothed over that it would smother the details. Happy to report that isn't what I'm hearing... This DAC may be the closest thing to a high-quality analog setup I've heard yet. Tho, I don't have a lot of experience with high-end vinyl or tape so... :) I'd be curious if anyone else gets this general vibe tho.
  3. I guess. DSD could also just as easily go extinct in 5-10 years unless the very niche audience of audiophiles go out in droves to purchase it. Let's be real, most producers/publishers aren't even putting out lossless download options, let alone high-res or DSD/SACD. Now throw in the upcoming generations adoption of streaming... I'm glad Schiit focused all of their attention on PCM. I can just as easily convert DSD to PCM, and there's no audible loss to my ears. I know the designer of Chord DACs mentioned you should typically just feed the native file and then let the DAC do its thing rather than upscaling/downscaling via software. Sorry, my DSD tangent is over. :)
  4. Really appreciate your comment as well as all of your contributions, Mike! I placed an order for the LiM, and can't wait for it to arrive. Tho, I'm curious if you think there's more untapped potential to make the MiL chip truly sing through firmware updates given it's a newer chip design? And it'd be super interesting to hear your thoughts on why you think it may be the case that the LiM ends up being your preferred choice? Take care of yourself!
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