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  1. A bunch of these players don't use ram just as a buffer, but they load the entire song into memory before they play them. Bughead is my most recent failure at something "esoteric' and promoting my faith in a good self made computer concentrated on reproducing truly top grade audio. That app takes about 10 minutes or more on what I assume is its highest reproduction level. But the buttons are just various colors and there is no documentation to tell you what anything does. It's a Japanese produced app, you probably know that, so no English instruction. The oddest thing is that whatever it is doing while loading the song, it is certainly not upsampling it, because everything Plays back in 44/16! .No perceptive change that I heard on playback. So that's a goner. I'm going to check your link re: HQPlayer. Thanks
  2. Winyl and MusicBee are nothing special, tried them, remote issues for almost everyone with MusicBee, which is irritatingly complex, tries to be all things for all people, even includes a CD Burner. But after listening for a good bit, I decided it wasn't worth pursuing. I checked the thread you posted and read through some more. Besides the seven listed, towards the end of the thread a lot of folks are talking about XXHighend, and how great it sounds. Also, WTFPlay. They both sound challenging to install and use, but I'll have some free time before the weekend is out. So far, if you can put up with some annoying quirks, HQPlayer has been my top choice, at least IMHO. It has a soundstage, an analog edge, and amazing destinction between instruments. Depth and width. Nothing for me has beat it yet.
  3. Hi kelvinwsy, Yeah, I double- triple checked. Same network. Router is 10 feet away. Used the same 5G connection on both. When I uninstalled the remote app on my Android devices (phone and tablet), nowe when I reinstall it flashes momentarily and closes- on BOTH devices! So, I gave up on it. Maybe some day the developer will restart work on his app that usually gets high praise. I'm back to HQPlayer with the third party remote app I posted somewhere in this thread. I don't think there is much that can beat it, sound quality wise. But what fun is it if we don't keep trying...
  4. Thanks kelvinwsy. I'm not an Apple guy, so I don't have any IOS products lying around. I'm going to try to reinstall it tonight because I re- read their site and there were a couple of screens in the install process that I did not see come up on my install. I'm using regular Windows 10 Home. But I know from lurking around different sites this seems to be a common problem and unfortunately there is no support for the app that I know of.
  5. I'm now on to another phase in my quest for better sound. Currently, I have HQPlayer running through my newly built 12 core computer w/ JCat XE. I believe it is about the best I've heard my system sound. I'm experimenting, as we must, with different players and associate software. I've tried JRiver, Audirvana, foobar, JPlay, and a couple of one- person designed apps that are no longer supported (and I couldn't install.) I got HySolid to install, I don't think it has been well supported since at least 2018 or so, but I noticed several people who use it and say it is their #1 choice. Can't tell 'till you try, so I also downloaded the Android companion app that is supposed to be the remote control for the HySolid. When opened, it simply says "can't connect to WiFi". Problem is there is virtually no application on the computer that includes settings, status, or any GUI of any type. Just a dialog box opens that asks for the directory where your music is installed. Once you point the right folder, it tells you to use the remote to play music and it closes. The remote can't find a connection, as mentioned. So there is no way to even try it out. Is there a way anyone has found to fix the "no connection" error or is HySolid even worth the trouble, should I just move on?
  6. That website was very interesting, One and a half. Appreciate the link. I saw a couple of apps I really wanted to try, HySolid in particular. It appears to have been written in Japan, and also appears that maintenance and support have been stopped since sometime in 2018. It's not the first time I've seen an app/ player/ server that was supposed to produce "OMG" moments in sound, only to find that they are full of bugs, no longer supported, or only partially functioning. HySolid is especially frustrating, as once it installs, it loads something into the background. When you open the app, a small box opens with a box to point the app to your music catalog. Once that is done, it tells you to connect to the remote app, you hit ok, and the small GUI disappears. There are no settings dropdowns, or any other interaction possible with the computer app. Then once the remote is downloaded onto your phone, Android device, etc. it opens up nicely and quickly informs you there is no wifi connnection. (there is, a very strong one.) Again, just a blank page with song/ album/ genre tap selections on the bottom. No settings dialogue box, no place to add or replace an IP adddress, nothing. And absolutely no functions can be engaged on the main computer. No place to view a library or start a song, no play/ stop buttons, nothing. I'll keep looking for other players, but for right now, HQSound is working much more dependably with the third party remote I mentioned in this thread. At least I'm happy about that!
  7. I've tried it both ways. It is as basic as it can be. It's a local system, one device. I built a computer as a project speciffically for audio. I used great components- Ryzen 9 5950 CPU, 64 GB 3200 speed Corsair Viper RAM, Corsair Platinum 750 watt RX Power supply, JCAT XE card, Chord USB cable directly to my Schiit Yggsdrasil DAC. Also using well regarded 5VDC regulated linear power supply for the JCat, AC filtering everywhere, etc. Installed/ uninstalled HQPlayer three times. Even tried creating a separate local network, like a "hotspot" with a static IP. HQPlayer has been unreliable, to say the least. But it sounds so amazing, if there was something that sounded as good or better, I would use it. I've tried about half a dozen others. But I'm putting up with the aggravation so far because I built this system around the promise of using HQPlayer. I don't think I'm that rare. I've been lurking several forums with quite a few people discussing similar issues.
  8. Yes, I've been communicating with Jussie regarding this over the last view days. Their remote client is fast, and has a beautiful GUI with full cover artwork, as you have shown. Again, the issue for me is dependability. Some nights it doesn't work at all (no connection error), some nights ir works (connects) but is totally non- responsive communicating with HQPlayer. No error showing, just sits there. Some nights it connects, I select an album, and I get a nag that says the album is being placed in que, the playlist is currently active. But there is no playlist, and nothing is actively playing. I did find another remote app, HQPWV, thaty seems to be much more consistent. I created a link for it on my desktop, otherwise you need to keep going back to the page to download, unzip, install and open it every time you use it. You can get the Github link here: https://github.com/zeropointnine/hqpwv/releases Once it opens, it will give you the IP to load in your android, or whatever device you are using for a remote. It is always the same for me, so I just created a favorites bookmark on my Android tablet browser. As long as HQPlayer opens in a working state, the app will generate the IP, I hit my favorite link, and I'm in business. It's been 100% reliable as long as HQPlayer opens in a working/ ready state. Very attractive GUI. Free. Give it a try if that is one part of your issues with this great player that just has some dependabilty and quirky issues.
  9. I think I'm getting the hang of it. Maybe it's just the learning curve. I set my music computer and my Android tablet to work just through the LAN. Maybe it's even supposed to be set up that way, I'm not that well versed with that. I had no idea the Ethernet port could be "disabled" and yet the internet still works. I turned the adapter "on." So now HQPlayer seems more dependable. Since the GUI is so horrid (IMHO) it is infinitely more usable through the remote app, which is actually very good. Now we'll see if it fires up when I get home tonight. I should make another thread about this next experiment last night, as I'd like to get other opinions. In my quest to find something that sounds as great as HQPlayer (again, IMHO) I tried JPlay last night. I was horribly dissapointed. I put the settings as recommended for the best sound. It was very sharp in the high end, and a very conjested midrange. The beautiful wide open sound stage was gone, the bass was reduced although fairly clean, it sounded well, "digital." I can kind of compare the sound to the early CD's in the mid- late '80's. Although I looked at a lot of reviews, and it was rather well praised on every one I read. Strange, but just one man's opinion.
  10. That's the dillema- I got the JCat to work, as you might of read in this thread, but I have yet to find any software with a quality GUI and amazing sound quality that doesn't require "drag and drop" functionality, and with remote functionality to select material without having to get back up to skip, repeat, or change music selections. The remote for HQPlayer is very finicky, some days it connects and some days it doesn't. Right now, it's not connecting at all. But the HQPlayer sounds so amazing, and has so much versatility with the deep down adjustments, it's my #1 choice by far. After quite a few years can't they do ANYTHING about the player funcionality? I get flashbacks of Windows 3.1 every time I fire that app up and try to use it. Plus, I bought it and it ain't cheap.
  11. MarceINL, Will Daphile integrate with an Arch Linux distro? I would really like to build something similar to the software I currently have on Windows (HQPlayer, Fidelize) using Linux, for its lighter weight, lower CPU hogging, etc., but I am having a hard time finding comparable software, and most of the stuff I've found requires compiling from scratch, and I don't know Linux well enough to build those packages. They seem much more difficult than a simple .tar package, which I have had occasional success with.
  12. Hi Tatomek, I got it going, the issue was dirty or defective contacts (2 of them.) I don't know if they are gold plated and the two bad contacts didn't hold the plating, or if it was some type of foreign substance, almost looks like an ultra thin layer of solder. But I carefully used a mild abrasive brush and somer contact cleaner, and it works well. I'm sure an $800 or $1000 power supply would probably sound better, but I looked inside this supply, it has decent quality caps, a nice torroidal transformer, and is regulated and supplies linear power, it's really not that bad.
  13. I finally dragged some music into HQ player around midnight, and it did raise the sound another notch with the JCat. I need to decide if HQ Player is worth the hassle, I can't seem to troubleshoot the inability for the tablet to suddenly lose the connection to the HQ Player. OR, install one of my favorite distros of Linux on my second M2,-- or find an app that works and sounds at least as good as HQPlayer and is built for the 21st century. If abyone has any siggestions for a player/ library/ file server type app that really excels, please let me know what you are using. I've done Foobar, it sounds very good, not quite as good as HQPlayer, and I understand add-ons are required if you want to get the best out of it. That app has issues with a remote controller as well. Audirvana, nice GUI, have had OK luck controlling remotely, I don't think it compares in sound quality to Foobar OR HQPlayer.
  14. Hi, I've been a busy beaver the last couple of hours. I took the card out again, looked at in on my bench under my magnifier lamp. Two of the prongs (I'm not sure what they are called, the gold electrical lanes) had a silver- ish color, like a solder film on a portion of them. I got my mini screw driver and carefully , lightly scraped that portion, then cleaned the contacts with the good stuff I use on my old radios. Reinstalled, and during boot up the DAC clicked and the three lights came on, meaning I had a connection finally. Since then, I've been paying with HQ Player, it sounds so amazing that I purchased it (it isn't cheap, as you probably know) but now my tablet remote can't find it, and I can't get HQ to load songs from my ssd like it was. It's a shame, the app sounds so fabulous and I've tried a lot, yet the GUI is prehistoric and it is the most finicky app I've ever used in my life. So now I'm teased again, the DAC is ready to play music through the JCat XE, and I can't get any music to it. The HQ app just keeps going back and forth on the blue "loading" indicator, but never loads music into the app. I'm So, so happy I got into digital hi-def files. My prehistoric Thorens turntable and my tube gear works first-time, everytime.
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