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  1. Hello, I received the replacement unit. It sounds great however I am experiencing the same issue as before. The micro connection is to fragile. I am treating the unit like a glass slipper, I also purchased a longer USB cable to help but its not working. What can we do? Can I return the unit and request a refund? This is just to fragile. Please advise. Very frustrated and disappointed.
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    1. Audio_Allo


      Forwarded PM please check

  2. I purchased the correct cable and it works great, However I recently shut everything down and moved the equipment to its permanent spot. I powered everything back up but not getting any sound. Checked all the connections. It appears that my computer is not recognizing the DAC, could the usb port on the unit be the issue?Can you help our dierct me to the right place? Thank you, JP
  3. Hello, I have received a Revalution DAC. I am not sure what type of USB cable I need. My current USB connection is a different type (A to B) Thank you for the help.
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