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  1. Both sound great. With UHD I find no need to find, clean, and turn records anymore. Not sure what you heard but I have no issues. I am thinking my setup is about 85% of what I would love. I am willing to spend a little more for the next 10%.... That last 5% is the part that cost crazy money....
  2. I am leaning heavily towards the M33. It gives me an all-in-one solution to how I listen and should boost the quality of my sound somewhat. I will bypass an external NAD phono preamp and plug into the amp itself and I will also use internal BluOS so it eliminates two boxes. I will reuse the BluOs with headphones somewhere else so it sticks around. I was hoping someone had an M33 that could comment.
  3. You have given me a lot to think about...
  4. I never said that it did....just that the High Res quality is so good it is just now worth cleaning vinyl that often and I have limitless listening opportunities that I don't have to own or store. I listened to Frank Sinatra live at Madison Square garden. Once on vinyl and once on streaming there was a slight difference to the sound but no noticeable difference in quality. I do enjoy listening to very old recordings that I don't own on vinyl that are hiss and pop free on the BluSound.
  5. What I have in my listening room is a NAD C356BEE with a BluSound Node 2i streaming Amazon UHD. I do have a phono preamp and a nice Project turntable but they get little use now. My speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 10.7s. I really like the sound I am getting now but just wonder if There is any one thing that would make it even better. I would consider the M10 or M33 but not sure sonically it will be that much better. I mean they are cool looking but I am concerned with sound. I am also thinking old school like the McIntosh MA5300 and using my Bluesound node and turntable with that. Finall
  6. I have the Bluesound Node 2i connected to my NAD C356BEE and the sound is incredible. I stream Amazon UHD service exclusively and it works very well...I hardly ever clean records anymore....I would consider saving up to get a newer AMP that also streams BluOS. They partner with NAD so there are good options.
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