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  1. Hi Tait, OT Half a year ago I couldn't access the server via smb. It didn't take an hour before a new version of Samba was installed via remote control. That was a great service. I think it is due to a lack of staff in connection with Corona that nobody has reported yet. Software engineers for Debian Linux are also not that easy to find.
  2. I still think that it can't be because of my equipment, as I was recently able to update from 1.4.8 to 1.4.9. So I will probably wait until a friendly Innuos supporter receives my mail. 🙏
  3. Hello, I am the only one who has the InnuOS with the zen MK3. Update 2.0.4. can not download. I haven't received an answer from the support so far. Or are the guys just overloaded at the moment, so that not every banal question can be answered.
  4. Hi bos, I've rebooted the zen several times. Unfortunately, that didn't help. But congratulations that it worked for you.
  5. Hi landerson, I haven't received an answer yet, but server overload sounds conclusive. I'm still waiting for
  6. Hello everybody I registered here because I found this thread about innuos devices in the vastness of the network. My English is mediocre, so I have to have google translate. I apologize for this in advance. My question relates to innuOs 2.0. I have a zen MK3 and a Phoenix USB reclocker. And allow me to say. I've never heard music as well as with this duo. Since July 21 the update is also available for the zen MK3. Since yesterday I have been trying to update from 1.4.9, but I only get the message oopps, .... an error occurred while attempting your download. see photo Someone knows whe
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