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  1. I feed the solarflare x2522 using 6 pin 12v output from my ATX LPSU. This line goes directly from the LPSU itself, not from motherboard I tried to connect the 2522 to my Buffalo GS2016 and it doesn’t work. Compatibility issues. I will buy a 25g router and maybe try SFP28 transceivers. Any suggestions?
  2. I have found a good way to externally power the solarflare card. just buy a pci-e extender(without chips) with an external power input. given that the extender is not very long and is without chips, I assume it would not have too much of a negative effect on sound quality, the benefit is that it allows me to externally power the NIC using LPSU. That could potentially elevate my Solarflare 2522 into new heights. Stay tuned, I will update with my findings.
  3. Usb direct from MB certainly will be less tha. optimal solution. taiko has developed a pci-e usb card available only to extreme users as upgrade. So having a pci-e usb is essential for optimal performance
  4. I got it for 180 dollars. so it must be the basic version. The latency seems be less than 1ms, very low already, so i am happy. will do some reviews when I received it.
  5. I think euphony has some SQ advantage over audiolinux and I am used to it. So won’t change the system to accommodate onload for now. I ordered the 2522 on eBay for a good price. It is a 25g card so maybe it has a better clock than 8522? The seller did a quick test, does anyone know that this is a 2522 basic or 2522 onload? the screenshot shows the latency is less than 1ms.
  6. Message: We tried compiling Onload drivers for our system several months ago but it didn't work. Not sure if and when we will try again. Regards, Željko Just contacted, unfortunatly no. I wonder how much of an improvement of "Onload" would provide anyway. maybe it could even hurt sound quality by taking up too much CPU resources? maybe I will just get a 2522
  7. Has anyone used Buffalo gs2016(with or without modded clock) with a solarflare 8522/2522 NIC? If so, what's the result? These two items has been hot topics on the forum as they offer very good bang for the buck SQ.
  8. I am using euphony and thinking about buying a solarflare 8522 onload. How to install such a driver to enable unload(ultra low latency) under euphony? would this "kernal bypass" function hurt or benefit sound quality? Thanks!
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