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  1. still waiting for feedbacks on Spring3 here and @GoldenOne's review but some guys are reporting yet here : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/holo-audio-spring-r2r-dac.810065/page-157
  2. I clicked on Iving's link and it says scam classified deleted it definitely reads 220 on the first posted picture, then Photoshop I guess i considered buying a second hand DAC but I am more and more concerned
  3. You've got your Spring 3 ?!
  4. thank you very interesting. From my readings I was under the impression that generating mono wav filters in RePhase was the best free option even if not applying any time domain correction, because of all the parameters (filter length , taps etc). So to make clear : if I don't want to correct time domain, I'm better off not using RePhase at all but only REW as you describe? or if I'm ready to fiddle with RePhase it's still worth it in order to produce better quality filters?
  5. I would have thought that scaling down a 192 filter to convolve a 44.1 file would introduce sort of issues decimation and downsampling of a 96K recording into a 44.1 Redbook file do... I intend to use Qobuz with 192 subscription and no intention to own 352.8 or 384 files : is 192 convolution filter enough or do I need to create 384 convolution filters for the Qobuz 192 files ? Does it matter if convolution filters are big (ie 1 Mo if 384 while 512K is enough with 192)?
  6. To make clear for me when I'll create convolution filters : it is your opinion that there is not benefit in playing 96 file with 192 filter and then switching to 176.4 filter when playing a 88.2 or 44.1 file?
  7. Do you infer that I should go the extra mile and get a May rather than a Spring even if I am to use it DSD only in the end ?
  8. too bad ! sure HQP + a May level DSD only DAC would be a good thing. Does it exist in another brand ?
  9. @SuperdadIn your opinion Can this https://magnahifi.com/product/holo-audio-titanis-800ma-active-usb-processor/ or any of your Uptone product (which one ?) make for the difference between Level 2 and KTE of Spring ; claim is " KTE Spring3 is ONLY level to have the enhanced USB module as found in our L2 and KTE May dac. Has titanis 2.0 circuit."
  10. then, would'nt the Holo Cyan DSD be the perfect DAC ? Why they stopped it? comments seem to suggest there were issues with it and that it was only so so but wouldn't a May reduced to DSD at Spring price point be the absolute steal ?
  11. Yes, quite popular too. I like your setup so might make me think but I'm not attracted at all to Chord. I admit I never heard in my system but to me they look quite like little boxes full of marketing. BTW, it helps considering a Spring when one can not/ does not want to spend a May : doubt even a DAve has better power than a Spring
  12. Thank you very much. Though NOW I could find info knowing what to look for (search terms holo noise shaper by author Miska) I missed it, apologies. NS5, NS9 or LNS15 all the same ?
  13. thank you. I give me 2 more weeks before the leap of faith
  14. reason could have been hardware pushed to the verge... Can't wait to watch your review of Spring ! Maybe you will share settings that put light on : "But when used correctly, HQPlayer can also linearize R2R like the Holo Audio ones, when used with PCM."
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