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  1. Hi there. I have a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IIs with a Schitt Ageia amp and a sonos streatmer/dac combo. I mostly stream music off Spotify. I'm an newbie to this world, so just looking for opinions. Is there any benefit to adding a dedicated preamp? My amp is not a combo amp/preamp. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Mario. I will check the Decware amps out. I see they put out 2 watts of power, which should be enough, but I do like to listen to music really loud sometimes!
  3. Hi Mario, thank you. I’m new to this world so, when you say “high efficiency” speakers, what exactly do you mean? How do I know if mine are high efficiency? thanks again!
  4. Hi Dave. Thanks. Ok, I need to decode that a bit; total newb here. Source- I think you’re referring to my bluesound DAC&streamer. Is that what you mean by source? I don’t have a preamp with it—yet. Currently using a schitt (single stage) amp. But not getting the mids or the warmth I’d like. open to preamp suggestions too. I generally have preferred the tube amp sound. thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I’m a new to this world. I recently picked up a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IIs and I’m looking for an amplifier. I think I want a tube amp, not solid state, but I’m open to possibilities. I’d like to keep the amp under 1k if possible. Just looking for suggestions! thanks in advance.
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