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  1. Keith, what exactly is your email address because you have typed it spelled two different ways ksutherlandy and ksutherlany We cannot reply to you if you do not accurately type your email address when you submit the form. I just now personally replied to your service ticket with a question. Have you received it? -EveAnna Manley
  2. Dear Keith aka GryphonGuy, Manley Tech support received your request on Jan 16, 2020 at 11:14pm and Paul in my Service Department wrote back to you promptly the next day. See below. Please check if you typed your email address correctly when you submitted the form? I suggest that you resubmit your Tech Support request to our team again. We have since changed to the ZenDesk platform for our Tech Support Ticket management and have also since hired additional Techs ready to assist you. Nobody gets ignored here at Manley Labs. 🙄
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