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  1. The bass just opened up on my speakers. A little breaking in made a difference. The bass sounds really solid now on its own.
  2. Macintosh MC152 to replace my Adcom 555 in the next year or two.
  3. There are headphones designed for mixing music in the studio and more fun headphones than make music more fun. The 650's are designed for mixing. My Beyerdynamic 1990 headphones have two ear foams to choose from; one more flat sounding and the other with enhanced bass for more fun when playing video games or watching a movie. They are really well made too.
  4. I have Focal Twins in my recording studio. They are powered speakers. Most people today use powered speakers in their recording studios. They want a flat uncolored sound that some audiophile people would say is boring. They are also built to a price point. Engineers like amps that are clean with no color because when they mix music from a neutral setup, this helps them mix music that will sound good on many different systems. If my Focal Aria speakers were powered for my stereo, they would have that same clean vanilla sound as the Twins. For many people that would be fine, but for
  5. I recently purchased the Focal Aria 926 speakers which are currently being powered by a Adcam 555 amp. I am extremely pleased with the results I am getting. Most YouTube videos will say Focal has smooth high frequencies and they are right. They have comfortable bright top end. The speakers are very comfortable for long listening periods. The mids bring forth vocals and electric guitars very nicely. The lows are pleasant sounding and are balanced with the mids and lows. The quality of the speakers are really nice and they look great. I was even more impressed with the speakers playi
  6. Every speaker has their own personality as well as amps. Rounding off highs or providing a more solid sound is what many amps do. Almosy evey speaker company has their own personality from the smoother Focal to the more heavier bass B&W. I am an audio engineer and have been working in recording studios since the 80's. I also purchased a Adcom 555 amp and preamp back in the late 80' with Infinity Kappa speakers. I won't debate on the forums as it's a waste of time. I also understand not all your thoughts and experience are stated in quick responses on forums so sometimes what your try
  7. I am referring to high end audio. You won't get the sound of a Macintosh or Conrad Johnson with active speaker amps. They tend to be very clean and lack any character
  8. Active speakers are built to a price. The amps won't get you the sound of higher end solid state and tube amps.
  9. Yes we all know the history and the reputation of the company. Their tube amps are out of my price range so I am curious of anyone has heard the MC152. How does it compares to Audio Research, NAD, Arcam and other modern amps.
  10. Manley had a reference headphone amp that is just amazing. It's clearly the best headphone amp I ever heard. Granted its best to have pro headphones which would allow you to hear the all the details. I heard it with the Beyerdynamic 1990 headphones.
  11. The original Adcom 555 amp, NAD C 658 BluOS preamp, Denon DN-300Z CD/Tuner, Dual CS 5000 turntable and gradeo cartridge, Focal Aria 926 speakers and Focal sub. Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable.

  12. The original Adcom 555 amp, NAD C 658 BluOS preamp, Denon DN-300Z CD/Tuner, Dual CS 5000 turntable and gradeo cartridge, Focal Aria 926 speakers and Focal sub. Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable.

  13. Interesting, there does not appear to be a solid best practice that applies to all solid state amps. It seems for amps to sound thei4 best they all need some time to warm up.
  14. I was always told keeping your amp on keeps a more consistent temperature and that it'd better for the amp vs turning it on and off on a regular basis. Is this true?
  15. I also feel strongly about supporting local stereo and other mom and pop stores which is important. I could go to Crutchfield and get what I want but having local support and a store to hear gear is important. I don't want those companies to go away. My audio store let's you try gear at your home for 30 days which is the best way to really know of you will like it.
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