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  1. Try emailing Scott at [email protected] and he may be able to grant you access based on your ip address
  2. Not particularly low budget but may stop upgraditis; take a look at the ME Geithain RL906 monitors. Look strange but sound amazing.
  3. Similarly this one works perfectly for me http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16800998059
  4. Well I was one of those at Coop’s place last night and very enjoyable it was too. I’ve been auditioning the Weiss DAC202 for a little while now. I’ve got a Benchmark DAC1 HDR at home and is certainly a step up from that in terms of detail and general accuracy and presentation, though I think for the money the Benchmark is good value. Last night gave me the chance to listen to it against the Berkeley Alpha which is nearer the price point of the DAC202 and against an earlier Benchmark DAC1 on Keith’s monster horn speakers. The Berkeley gets good write ups on these forums so I was pretty keen to compare it. The Benchmark we played first sounded decent but the other two are in a different league both sound wise and price wise. The Berkeley was next up and sounded very good, lots of detail, good separation, quite impressive. Both the Benchmark and the Berkeley were connected to Keith’s Macbook Pro, playing via Amarra through a Weiss INT202 firewire and then XLR into the Dacs, so they had the benefits of the asynchronous firewire connection. Next up the DAC202 connected directly by firewire to the MBP. Well to my mind, the DAC202 had more detail, a better presentation, with nothing over emphasised and was a better listen generally. I wouldn’t call it laid back because there was lots of detail but it’s a lovely balance of all the different facets of the music, non-fatiguing and very accurate. I listened to a Weiss DAC2 a while ago and that was impressive but this is a definite step up. I’m certainly going to buy it, and this is a lot of money to me, but it’ll stop me having the urge to upgrade for a long time. Anyone looking for a Dac around this pricepoint should definitely include it in their list to audition. So for me, with this setup, Weiss DAC202 > Berkeley Alpha>Benchmark DAC1 I know Coops is similarly impressed but he‘s reluctant to say ;-)
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