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  1. Thanks for your inputs, guys. I didn't see anybody mentioning JPlayer. I could get any infos, as my post on their forum got ignored and unpublished by the moderators. Does it have any tagging function, and how does it perform sq-wise?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on considerably improving my computer based hifi installation. So far i've been using foobar 2000 and relying on cue files for tagging my music. Unfortunately the limitations of the remote controlling solution and the ones of the cue sheet formats for music tagging, made me consider a new player. As i rebuilt my pc from scratch and optimized every part for a high end experience, i imagine that they must be better options sq-wise, than foobar. During my researches i came across players like Roon, JPLAY, Audirvana and so on, but could find out which one would fit my needs better, which are: 1) Sound quality 2) Ability to tag my music automatically (as much as possible), as i have a very large library 3) Durability: i would like to use my system as long as possible, without having to worring to have to do the tagging again, in this frequently changing digital world 4) Possibility to control the music remotely (and retrieve it easily), as i'm not considering hooking up a screen to this computer, excempt for occasional maintenance I would be interested as well to hear what solutions you guys are using for those purposes. Your advises would be appreciated. Thanks Nico
  3. I talk to Sean, and his products seem very nice, but the asked price is "a little bit" steep, indeed. He quoted me 3k £ for the equivalent of the HDplex 400w atx... So i guess i'll go with the latter.
  4. @motberg Good to know that those two products seem not to have quality issues and have a similar SQ. Your comment about the cable length is interesting, bcz i was tending to think (according to the pictures) that the Hdplex had much longer cables than the teradak. @Nenon Do you know weather Sean Jacobs can build atx LPSU as well ? I didn't find the answer on his webpage. Just by curiosity, i came through an article talking about the JCAT 400w Linear Power Supply which looks exactly the same than the HDplex. Is it the same product ? Before i take a decision, i would like to make sure that it doesn't exist any better solution (SQ wise) for an atx lpsu. Do you have have any idea ? Tks
  5. hi guys, i'm upgrading my installation and getting rid of the pico psu, to go full linear. For an optimal result, i'm looking to eliminate the dc-atx converter. I have found many models which seemed very good, like the Paul Hynes SR4 or the expensive UpTone Audio JS-2, to name just a few, but unfortuntely they don't power the mobo directy. The only two candidates i have found that might suit me are The HDPLEX 400w atx and the Teradak atx (275w or 380w) line, for which i have found very little feedback. I read quite a few threads about the Hdplex 200w and heard about the reliability issues of the previous models. So i'm a little afraid that the 400w model suffers the same issues. I'm interested as well to having a SQ feedback. How does the 400w model performs against the 200w, and against the non-atx good psu like the Paul Hynes SR4 ? Cheers.
  6. Hello everyone out there ;-), I am currently in the process of building an hifi computer, and am currently hesitating between two solutions: 1) Buying a top soundcard, like lynx 2 2) using the spdif out of any low budget soundcard and hook it up to a Dac. Therefore, my questions: 1) which solution (highend souncard or highend Dac) do you think would bring me the best sound ? 2) Currently, i am having an interesting opportunity on a Wadia 12 Dac, and i must say that i am quite tempted. But i am hesitating, because, if i choose to go for the dac solution, i was thinking of buying something like a used Audiomat Tempo 2,5 later (for budget reasons). So my question: Do you think that the wadia 12 (despite its age) will sound as goog as an Audiomat Tempo 2.5 ? Or should i wait until i have the extra bucks and go for the Audiomat ? Thanks in advance. Greetings Nikko
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