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  1. pier

    HQ Player

    I was checking this thread and a friend stated that since it has no 1 bit hardware, DSD is converted to 6 bit internally. So I was thinking that 16bit to 1 bit to 6 bit are too many conversions. Guess I'll go back to DSD testing... Are you using 16bit too?
  2. pier

    HQ Player

    @Miska I'm sure they already asked 10000 times but.. what do you suggest for Ares II ? DAC bits? PCM for sure (DSD is 6bit on Ares) ? thanks!
  3. pier

    HQ Player

    I can agree, this is really. Pianos are fabs. thx!
  4. pier

    HQ Player

    I would like a "PANIC" button on HQP to reset stuff. But with our AresII the standby works well too :)
  5. pier

    HQ Player

    I guess I'm a little overpowered since I've an Intel 10900k with a RTX3090
  6. pier

    HQ Player

    Trying the new poly-sinc-gauss-xla now and really enjoying it. (HQPlayer running on my desktop, Ares2 over USB)
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