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  1. View Classified Audioquest Diamond USB Get this great cable at a discount! Less than a year old, perfect condition. 0.75m . I pay for shipping worldwide. Seller TA75 Date 06/22/21 Price 500.00 USD Category Cables  
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    Get this great cable at a discount! Less than a year old, perfect condition. 0.75m . I pay for shipping worldwide.

    500.00 USD

  3. Update around 350 hours of break-in on the kte. For me, the sound has completely changed from the first week. The detail retrieval, soundstage portrayal, texture/flesh produced by this dac is simply outstanding. The soundstage compared the tt2 is not even in the same league. Especially in the depth and width. I'm hearing everything from way behind, I look up to examine whats happening with the sound coming out of the speakers but then I realize, what speakers? The May has pulled a Houdini act and made them completely disappear.. Its honestly night and day in this regard compared to
  4. Anyone using PLL off generally? Or does everyone prefer pll on? I am using usb.
  5. I'm using an Innuos Zen mk3, I doubt its that. Maybe I'll try pll off. Does everyone run pll on for better sound? Thanks for that, I am actually on v 1.30, I received my May last Monday.
  6. Some remarks. For whatever reason, the kte doesn't play music on random times when changing bit rate or going from dsd to pcm. Usually, when there is a change, I can see on the screen right before it plays: Unlock . Then it switches the screen to the file format/bitrate and it plays normally. I'd say 1/20 or 1/30 times it doesn't write the unlock and although the file is playing on roon, there is no sound coming out. I need to switch format for it to unlock into another file and then back again. Also for whatever reason, my remote never worked. Anyone else experience this?
  7. I have the same distribution box, TP80 and the Sablon 2020 USB. So far at least, I have prefer it plugged into the unfiltered side of the tp80. I'm comparing the sablon to my older diamond audioquest. So far I'm feeling the audioquest a little more.. A touch more brilliance in the top end. I'm still in the break in process, so all this might change.
  8. Quick update, almost on the 2nd week of listening. I don't know what the rest are experiencing, but in my system, the May kte is Very sensitive to power chord changes and USB cables. I find using the May on an unfiltered power socket works the best. The soundstage has gotten larger, particularly the height. Precision even better. Bass even tighter and more 'clean' weight. I'm starting to get deeply involved in the music playing. Low level listening has gotten very pleasing, MUCH more so than with the tt2. I could barely enjoy music at low volume using the tt2, with the
  9. Hey everyone, I received my May kte on Monday and let it play music continuously for a few days before I had a listen. It was straight out of the factory and wanted to give it a few days to warm up. I am pretty sensitive to first reactions, I didn't want to listen straight out of the box. Yesterday was my first listen -my previous dac was a chord tt2 so I will try my best to sum up what I am hearing in relation to that. The sound has quite a different character to that of the chord. I was a little confused at first. The music lost some low end that what I was used to. Not that it w
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I'm waiting for your video review on your channel!
  11. XLRs sounding better right? My amp is a dual mono design too, I'm thinking that balanced is the way to go.
  12. Such nice USB cable talk. I have actually exchanged a few emails over the last week with Mark at Sablon. Quite a few people over at Whatsbestforum have sold their Shunyata Sigmas and kept the Sablon. People with "unlimited" resources for these cables. I'm going to put in an order for one. I can sell you mine for $550. Its a great cable, compared to the Audioquest Forest, I used to have, its miles ahead. In perfect condition, about 1.5 years old. Let me know! Can't wait to hear the May, didn't have a chance to audition in my system. Only heard the Spring KTE at a deal
  13. Have you experimented with different USB cables on the May? I am waiting for a KTE, hopefully on Friday. I currently have an AQ Diamond usb cable and thinking of upgrading.
  14. View Classified Zenwave D4 RCA Selling my beloved D4 RCA only because I'm changing dac and will be using XLR. I will ship worldwide. Used for less than a year, literally plugged in the day I received it and never moved. The first time they came off my gear was for this photo! This is by far the best RCA cable I have ever heard beating cables at much higher price points. Get this amazing cable at a discount, something you won't be able to find because whoever buys it, keeps it! (They are 1 meter long) Seller TA75
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