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  1. I think the DI's are rated higher than the Lores, no? Anyway, I might have been doing something wrong, perhaps my amp which is a PrimaLuna tube amp but I couldn't see moving a 118 pound speaker around my room in an effort to find the right spot and I have limited space plus a bunch of people sent me photos of where they placed their Tektons and they were very far from the back wall and some people told me that it took them months to find the best location for them. The heck with that. When I inquired about one of their amps, the people at Pass labs told me that the Tektons and th
  2. I have a friend that managed a high-end audio store. He's living vicariously through me.
  3. Yeah, exactly but it would be cheaper to have someone to come over and advise me than buying and selling all kinds of stuff all the time.
  4. Ya know, maybe I didn't give them a fair shake, everyone says that they're placement picky and I'm not spending four months like some people say to find the best spots in my room not to mention that my space is limited so I can't move them around that much anyway. I mean that's ridiculous but from all the info I've gathered I'm getting the feeling that I didn't buy the right amp (PrimaLuna EVO 300) and a better choice would have been a solid state amp with more watts. I have an extremely knowledgeable person advising me now and he advised me to buy Proac Response 3's which I di
  5. I’m in total agreement. I’m not an audiophile and nor do I want to be and I definitely don’t want to spend months trying to find the right location for the speakers especially an 118 pound speaker. I just wanted a good stereo and I didn’t want to get drawn into something that I had no interest in. It could be my amp but Eric over at Tekton said it was good but I don’t know at this point so I’m thinking about a solid state amp and if the Tektons don’t work out than I’ll try the Klipsch and if they don’t work than I’m listening to a guy who sold audio for a long time and tells me t
  6. Imagine playing in the style of Warne Marsh and those guy, there's no gigs outside of Europe. Are you from AC? My best friend and incredible tenor player Frank Vicari used to gig there all the time. When those gigs dried up he ended up helping me in the shop. Very sad story given that he played with Maynard, Buddy Rich and tons of others and a tremendous friend and great guy which is probably why he didn't make much money. Maybe you should tell me which speakers to buy if I don't like the Klipsch Fortes I just bought. If they don't work out I'm considering the Harbeth but now
  7. My friend used to write for an audio magazine and he tells me flat out not to believe them, at all. I'd like to meet the people that traded in their 30K speakers for the DI's.
  8. Thanks Bluesman, much appreciated. If you ever need anything, let me know and I'll hook you up good. Phil
  9. I haven't seen an objective review on the Tekton's yet probably because people like Steve Guttenberg would't get anymore stuff from the manufacturers if they were to be honest and I find it incredibly dishonest myself. I never would have bought these speakers had him and another chucklehead said that the speakers were worth much more. The young kid that does the reviews on YouTube actually said that people were trading in their 30 thousand dollar speakers and I bought it hook line and sinker. Such BS. Thank you, I'll be taking your advice. Phil
  10. I ordered them yesterday, I'm in danger of becoming a chucklehead instead of just a knucklehead but I'll tell you a couple of stories. I made a solid silver mouthpiece for one of my customers which he cherished. One day he dropped it and called me very upset and said that it didn't play anymore so I told him to come over. I had him play it and it was just squeaks and squaks. So I inspected and measured it and it was fine so I handed it back to him and told him to play it and it sounded fantastic. It was purely psychological. Another story. The great, late alto player and a
  11. I'm not in the city but aside from that I'm told that I'd have to use my own amp and there's still no guarantee in my room. I'll give the Klipsch Forte's a shot then I'll start traveling but it's getting old. I'm not all that picky. Thanks to all who helped. Phil
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