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  1. Before that, when we will have a new beta, supporting high-rez rates?
  2. Same place. Still with bugs, and no high-res. No progress and no release schedule. 😂
  3. Please open a ticket. That's the issue I also mentioned to Dirac. It is not just this, but there is no visual indicator.
  4. Ar the moment, that's just single 12V 2.5mm input Thanks for the ideas!
  5. They don't fit, I need 12V DC, 13A I saw some monster at TeraDak
  6. This one? https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/portfolio-item/sps-1000/ Isn't it weak for our purposes?
  7. Yeah, I also thought about HDPlex I remember once Sonore had switched, but very clean PSU
  8. No GPU Just Gigabyte motherboard, 8700 cpu, 2 x 16G ram, SSD, JCat USB, optical drive The difference is going mainly from 45W 4770T (my mistake above, it is 45W not 35) to 65W The question bis not 'why', I understand more or less. But what to do now. Stay with the switched PSU?
  9. I was not clear - that power supply (Kora MKIII) worked perfectly non-stop for 4 years. It supposedly had reserve for 25A peak, and 10A minimum Machine was was somewhat similar to published by Chris, and after few years we upgraded it for new CPU + Motherboard. Older CPU was 35W, the new one is 65W TDP The question is what do we have market to offer as a replacement for switched PSU?
  10. Hi What are the options today for replacement of (noisy) 160W switched brick power supply 12V ? We went to upgrade few years old machine with the new motherboard and CPU, and the PC became quite unstable. Frequently does not boot. No problems with the original, switched power supply -- Michael
  11. Thanks! What settings did you use during the measurements? (aka DiractSound vs ASIO vs.. sampling rate ..)
  12. What is your guys impression so far from the new alpha version?
  13. It is with the VST plugin that works very stable in JRiver
  14. Popups indeed very annoying, you need to keep closing them all the time 😞 Hopefully sound issues will be fixed for next beta
  15. For those who use Dirac 2.0: experienced something strange - it was actually very bad, and strange as I used for the lack of issues in this domain First, I measured 'Sofa' setting, and got focus moved heavily to the left channel. Then I thought something with the measurements points, and measured 'Chair'. Same result - either left channel emphasized, or right - if I swap the measurements points Real disaster! What went wrong? Same microphone, same version produced fine results in other system The difference is that I used 'DirectSound', could not use anything else, did not produce any sound. First used 96Khz, then repeated with 48KHz -- no change apparently
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