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  1. You are joking Kal knows I think every existing system out there from Audyssey to Trinnov
  2. @Kal Rubinson browsing interface JRiver has is irrelevant with big libraries, that's my point. Grouping by genre, albums, artists makes little sense when you have thousands records for each view. I used PlayDoctor, I think it does not use the mass knowledge, the big data, Spotify has. In any case, do you have a creative idea to use Dirac inside Roon DSP?
  3. I had personally tested Roon, but until it supports Dirac I don't enable my subscription. However, due to my background, I help my friends, and those have Roon, so I solve my problems and theirs as one. I myself use JRiver. The problem with JRiver that you need to know apriori what you're going to listen. I like the ability to build dynamic play lists based on my mood.. Like in Spotify. Listening to Willie Nelson, for example, will add Kris Kristofferson and Merle Haggard to my playlist. JRiver's UI is not an easy one. I see my friends forget all these options and sometimes even simpler playback scenarios. JRiver and Foobar are similar in this area. My current problem which I need to solve is using Dirac with Roon.
  4. JRiver is unusable with large libraries. This kind of interface was appropriate 20 years ago. I enjoy Spotify more, even though it is merely mp3 I discover new albums, I learn and I enjoy, Spotify's ability to build these playlists is genius. With my JRiver I bound to 20 or so albums, as a result I listen less, as the hobby becomes boring. How should I play? Random? I have many audiophiles in my circle.. and all of them move to streaming, while most of them to Roon+Tidal Is it a surprise for you? For me the best is to have JRiver serving as a common playback engine with different front-ends - Spotify, Roon, etc.
  5. Yep, I have Dirac for few years and like the sound, especially of the most recent builds Also, I like JRiver sound engine. There are rumors that Roon will eventually support Dirac as one of its plugins, that will be best. Until then we use JRiver WDM sound driver, but it is quite buggy and unstable
  6. I followed the document, but there is no sound http://diracdocs.com/Windows-Using_Dirac_plugins_with_players_not_supporting_plugins.pdf VB Cable gets the sound, but vsthost does not push it down to the chain.
  7. Honestly, I am asking for a friend. He, like many others switches around 3 years ago to Roon+Tidal. I am still with JRiver, although may switch to Roon for music as well. There is a document Flavio made available for this using virtual cable, are there simpler alternatives?
  8. Hello What is the best workaround to use Dirac with Roon? I though of using JRiver WDM as the easiest one, but it seems to be unstable Are are you using?
  9. I didn't re-measure as I wanted to conduct the full procedure to verify the new UI. i don't know precisely where were the fixes, was it just during the last step of filter prep or also during measurements? BUT, I want to say that that's the point of Dirac - even though the placement varies a bit, result should be more or less the same, isn't it? I measure 'Wide' arrangement, I have quite a bit sofa and there are 17? points. I remember Flavio told me once that does not really matter how exact you put the microphone, except for the sweet spot. Anyway, my sofa has these sitting pillow so I put the mic kind of in between so it is more or less similar to what I did before. Having said that, I see the new measurement produced same gain for the speakers, but bit different delay values. Why? Is it a fix?
  10. Installed & re-measured. Sound bit different, I think more forward, I like it more.
  11. @flakone and only 😀 thank you for helping with this There is a new processor available with the fix, seems like it was an internal crash on 192KHz
  12. I wanted to remeasure the room with the new Dirac Live (I already had V2, but from December), to my surprise I could not accomplish this 😂 Eventually, I filed a bug https://jira.dirac.services/servicedesk/customer/portal/3/DLS-1511 There are few things: 1) When I go through the measurement points, there is always one, for which I can't measure. What happens is that I do hear the sweep signal, but the "EKG" on the screen is flat line, no measurements. Kind of microphone is dead. This behavior is not new to me, and I already opened a bug, but there was always a workaround - when I skipped the problematic point (this is random point, not some specific place in the room), move to the next one, measure it, and move back to the one I could not before -- usually it succeeded. With this new version, however, dead is dead. Measurement session was over. 2) Knowing the measurement problems from the past, I saved the project all the time. I restarted the computer, and thought I will be able to continue the measurement session in Dirac Live, but could not load the previously saved project. 3) When I logout and login, I can't continue the session, is it by design? I see the files are stored on the disk, but Dirac Live is not using them @flakFlavio, I would appreciate if you push this.. very frustrating BTW, multi-channel V2 was promised by January 2020 Michael
  13. Hi Flavio, could you please be more precise about 'don't work' ? For me they work.. Should I skip the update then? Also, I thought that higher sampling rates were already supported before? In JRiver I have already sample rates configured up to 192/24 Where this Enhanced Phase Correction algorithm for improved stereo reproduction takes place? How can I preserve my current filters during upgrade?
  14. Yes, it is ON. Maybe that's just the points I picked up this time, .. although it shouldn't matter. And then Sofa/Wide. Other methods - chair and Sofa/Focused - sound quite bad for me Anyway, so I was lucky this time. Another annoying bug, which exists more or less for a year, is that sometimes during the measurements Dirac Live does not record, and I don't see the spectrum graph displayed. I do hear sweep sounds though. I then just move on to other points and afterwards go back to re-measure.
  15. Did you try the new processor from Dec 19 (1.0.2)? For me it looks like fixed, I used Sofa/Wide measurements
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