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  1. Popups indeed very annoying, you need to keep closing them all the time 😞 Hopefully sound issues will be fixed for next beta
  2. For those who use Dirac 2.0: experienced something strange - it was actually very bad, and strange as I used for the lack of issues in this domain First, I measured 'Sofa' setting, and got focus moved heavily to the left channel. Then I thought something with the measurements points, and measured 'Chair'. Same result - either left channel emphasized, or right - if I swap the measurements points Real disaster! What went wrong? Same microphone, same version produced fine results in other system The difference is that I used 'DirectSound', could not use anything else, did not produce any sound. First used 96Khz, then repeated with 48KHz -- no change apparently
  3. Imtersting. We find JRiver sounding much better, it's audio engine was polished for many years.
  4. + Lacking support of plugins, most notably lacking VST support and Dirac My friend actually uses Roon as kind of front-end, sending audio to JRiver WDM. I also use JRiver for video, which is probably out of scope for this article, but JRiver is an excellent AV machine (!!) I tried to adopt Roon few times, but it is not so stable. That friend of mine also has Roon re-scanning the library, disconnecting errors are common What I don't like is JRiver approach to customer service, lack of public roadmap and general attitude (especially of their founder) to customers.
  5. Dirac Live is the same component for both OEM and PC setups The difference is in the Processor component, which is in Beta stage
  6. What is the purpose of OCXO for router or switch? Honestly, I dont understand what does it do for USB as well If somebody will send me a link for technical explanation, I will be grateful
  7. Check Microsoft.. We're getting this (exciting) upgrade for free, and I believe the bulk of money comes from the OEM. The audiophile segment I believe is based on Dirac's enthusiasm, even though I paid 650 euros. I would like to focus on what we will get - stable performance, support of high-rez rates, diagnostics. Will be nice to see the list of tasks that on Dirac's "plate"
  8. When we may have a build, capable of high-rez playback, Flavio?
  9. And I like the new version much more. Previous had clipping issues, and I needed to use digital volume to reduce the signal. The measurement procedure is completely different now, maybe you can play with the mike settings to change the sound
  10. We don't buy software, we never own it. We buy a license with quite a lengthy contract attached.. and this is called a perpetual license This is different from buying a book, or compact disc that you fullu own and can sell
  11. This virtual cable thing didn't work. Followed the instructions, seemed to work, but didn't hear ant sound. Moreover, then I read the manual and understand that this virtual cable performs rate conversion, and abandoned the idea. Is it possible to ressurect WDM, for these unfortunate using Roon and Tidal?
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