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  1. Hi Flavio, could you please be more precise about 'don't work' ? For me they work.. Should I skip the update then? Also, I thought that higher sampling rates were already supported before? In JRiver I have already sample rates configured up to 192/24 Where this Enhanced Phase Correction algorithm for improved stereo reproduction takes place? How can I preserve my current filters during upgrade?
  2. Yes, it is ON. Maybe that's just the points I picked up this time, .. although it shouldn't matter. And then Sofa/Wide. Other methods - chair and Sofa/Focused - sound quite bad for me Anyway, so I was lucky this time. Another annoying bug, which exists more or less for a year, is that sometimes during the measurements Dirac Live does not record, and I don't see the spectrum graph displayed. I do hear sweep sounds though. I then just move on to other points and afterwards go back to re-measure.
  3. Did you try the new processor from Dec 19 (1.0.2)? For me it looks like fixed, I used Sofa/Wide measurements
  4. @flakThank you, Flavio! I installed, reading the changelog The first one below - is that the left-shift? Fixed - Individual speaker volume calibration bugfix Fixed - Will no longer crash when changing filter in JRiver Media Center 25
  5. I have installed Dirac beta previously on two systems. The one in the larger room with ~4.5 meters between the speakers is that one where the left-shift is most exposed. The good part is at least I am not the only one and there is a workaround (question: how much do we lose because of this workaround??). The bad part is that I reported to QA this issue 2 months ago and they did nothing. The issue did not exist in Version 1. And btw we have Bosch laser meter, sweet spot is exactly in the center. But should it be?? It is supposedly to be where we usually sit. And what that compensation is for?
  6. I quite like the sound of 'Sofa - Wide' - the sound is generally live, fluid, balanced and spacious. My main issue is with 'Sofa - Focused' - it merely acceptable in the sweet spot, but barely listenable everywhere else. What are your impressions? And did you discover any bugs? I did, and I reported them in the past via helpdesk, don't know if I will again: - when I measure positions, there is one or two for which I get no results. There is some error about missing samples, and also the spectrogram of the measurements is flat line. What I do is continue to the next position, and then going back. - During playback, if I switch filter on and off in the VST, JRiver may crash - In 'Sofa - Wide' measurements, on the positions on the picture (i.e. the small circle) is hidden by the man's figure. I know it is there, so I just click where it is supposed to be Nothing is specifically a showstopper (for me at least)
  7. The missing Phase Correction license issue was fixed on Dirac's servers, if you saved a measurement project previously, just reload it and try to re-export the filter. For me it worked. I would also logout and re-login before.
  8. But the latency you can and probably should discuss with Marcin IMHO
  9. You can probably measure in JRiver or foobar, and then use the filter in your playback chain
  10. Flavio, could you please check why do I get missing phase correction license during filter export step? I replied to the case Thanks
  11. I did, but during last measuring step get missing phase correction license. Did you get this as well?
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