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  1. @flakFlavio, what is the most recent version of processor for Win64? Still 0.9.23?
  2. Performed now more A/B listening (Dirac V2 vs pure; not V1 - I don't have it installed for more than a year) - it does not modify sound signature, but rather surgically fixes specific issues.
  3. I think in V2 as well, one measurement holds for all sampling rates. The limit of 96Khz goes for the playback (VST) I hope it will support all sampling rates, all the way to 384KHz my JRiver works with. I work with Windows 10 though, from what you write it seems that Dirac for Mac is till not baked My new Volvo XC40 with harman kardon has Dirac 🙂, but I don't know what it does there.
  4. Hard to say, VST definitely is more stable. I am not so sure regarding focus - I think in V1 it was more defined. Also, the midrange image was more forward then, which I like more.
  5. No clue what the VST is doing in this case, that's Flavio to comment..
  6. Dirac V2 sounds different: it is fluid, as others may say very 'analogue sound'. What I probably less like, is that the voice is now moved bit backwards, and the focus is bit smeared -- not very well-defined.
  7. @shinycDirac wrote this beta supports 96 KHz (previous didn't)
  8. You you need to downsample everything higher than 96Khz to 96Khz, rates lower stay the same - and pass it to Dirac processor
  9. Did you select your microphone as a recording device?
  10. Ahh, I just continued to do what I did with all previous betas
  11. Not, that's not how it is supposed to work. Run Dirac Processor from Windows Explorer, then click on Audio Settings and define devices. After that - create a new filter, which will spawn DiracLive
  12. Yes, that's what I am talking about. It is running as a VST inside JRiver 25 (version 1, version 3 is not supported) . Not sure there is a standalone version anymore (and I don't miss it)
  13. You need to launch processor first, and from there create a new filter. Yes, sounds fantastic. Found 4 minor bugs though. Dirac added also attenuation to VST as I asked, however clipping indicator still missing 😞
  14. Before that, when we will have a new beta, supporting high-rez rates?
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