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  1. Yes, very clean and beautiful build. It seems a bit crowded though, there are no problems with temperatures?
  2. I have the ER + PaulHynes sr4t connected to an Allo signature on the b side and optical SFP (15m) to Sonore optical module on the A side. If the power is lost to the PH sr4t then Etherregen won't get signal after repowering unless I break power upstream to the optical module. Once that is done everything goes back to normal.
  3. Did you compare the Terminator + Hermes with or without clocking Cakes? If so what did the clocking bring? I have the 2020 Terminator and Hermes and don't have a clock out on my dac.
  4. There is ofc the DDC's Gaia and Hermes that has dual outputs, but I am not sure really otherwise. The manuals don't mention a whole lot about them and nothing about their limitations. Someone in a thread here said they don't offer higher rates, but that they were left and right channels. I can't test it since I only have an Allo digione signature running picore.
  5. The Denafrips Terminator has dual AES/EBU input. From the manual: Dual AES/EBU Input 1. Press the Mute button once to enter configuration mode 2. Press the INPUT+ momentarily, AES 1, AES 2 LED will turn on/off -AES1 On = Dual AES/EBU Input Enabled -AES2 Off = Dual AES/EBU Input Disabled 3. Wait for 10s 4. DAC back in operational mode
  6. Speaking of Finisar's, I've recently bought a bunch of FTLF1426P2BTL https://www.mouser.se/ProductDetail/Finisar/FTLF1426P2BTL/?qs=D%2B6gCNt%2Fg2AK8GbXt5iHLg== Seem spromising so far, good voices as 1421 has but maybe better bass. Not going to make any judgement yet until I have used them a bit more and made a proper comparison with my other Finisar's though.
  7. It is pretty clear that MQA offers nothing what so ever of value to the music consumers. To me it seems its rasion d'etre is as a glorified copy protection and to line the MQA owners pockets.
  8. I have two packages on the way from an Austrian shop (about the same price but less hassle for me in the EU). Since I run optical fiber the longest distince which is between the Sonore OM and the ER I suspect I might have less effect with them. I am thinking about putting them between the router and wall connector, between NAS (that has the music) and router or between router and OM. All those are just short distances around 0.5-1 m and I have cables with floating shielding there now, so we'll see if they're are of any use.
  9. That is just a regular socket, nothing strange about that, you could use any full size power cord. I have tried a regular black one you get with much equipment (computers, stereo equipment etc, I have like 20 of those at home) and some more expensive ones (Xindak FP-gold & PC-02, Soundright PF-gold and Supra Lorad 2.5 spc) and the sound does improve with a better cable in my system.
  10. I finally got my Paul Hynes sr4t, one of the last ones to be sent out before the closure. I first tried it on the Sonore OM I have that was using a generic 5V switching psu, since I wanted to try if a linear power supply might be worth to have there. Maybe there was some difference but not that much. I didn't feel I had time to give it a proper testing since I was eager to test the SR4T+ ghent DC-7N16C Neotech cable in the Etherregen, so I put the Upton switching psu that I had been using in the ER in the OM and the SR4t in the ER. That made an immidiate and big difference, much more bass that
  11. Sorry, I forgot to add, that this was for new products from a company. The used market is different when you buy outside EU, and that suffers a lot. Even though VAT has already been payed by the first buyer outside EU, the second buyer in EU has to pad VAT on both the selling price and shipping. Sometimes that can make a used product bought outside EU more expensive that buying a new one from a shop, which to me seem really unfair.
  12. Brexit should not make the products significantly more expensive for EU customers; the UK VAT is not added, instead your own countries VAT is and in many cases that is about equal. There might be administrative costs, problems and delays at the customs though. My package with the SR4T, which I was worried about seems to be moving along now: 14/5/202113:58Delivery Agent - SWEDEN Awaiting Customs clearance 14/5/202113:58Delivery Agent - SWEDEN Tracked in destination country 12/5/202113:13Delivery Agent - DENMARK Tracked in destination country 11/5/20219:47Delivery
  13. I have an SR4t on the way that the shipping company for some reason have problems delivering. The first try a few weeks ago ended in them sending it back and it was shipped again on the 5th. Unfortunately now I get this in the tracking: 11/5/20219:47Delivery Agent - SWEDEN Address problem - sender contacted Let's hope there are someone to answer whatever problem there may be...
  14. I have Finisar FTLF1318P3BTL, FTLF1421P1BCL & FTLF1324P2BTV that I use between my Sonore Optical Module and the Etherregen. I would say that 1318 and 1324 sounds pretty similar in my system, perhaps 1318 is a little bit more forward but with better sibilance control. Those 2 compared to the 1421: + Clearer, more forward voices and guitars, sounds more dynamic with a bit more and better bass. - Voices can sound a little bit hollow and more unnatural depending on system, textures of voices are not as good. Not as calm and laidback. When I change to 1421 I feel I need to
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