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  1. That's their coo in action again. Fish rots from the head. Roon is a missed opportunity, it could've been great, instead it's increasingly bug-riddled and a mediocre experience - shiny facade, rotten under the hood. Still, you've got to hand it to them, they've filled a gap in what's clearly predominantly an unsophisticated and undiscerning market. I predict though that unless they start listening to customers, stop their coo from interacting with customers, get serious about fixing bugs and get fit for purpose support arrangements in place they will lose market share as alternat
  2. Do not be surprised if you start seeing more ads, for Roon Ready devices etc. This was just testing the ad infrastructure and user response. "Hey boys there's nobody in the industry that has audiophool reach like us, come, place your adverts with us, we will deliver them directly to our worshippers..."
  3. Because it's design is stupid, it rescans your entire library looking for changes on startup. Like things are magically going to change. They're polishing a turd born of the remnants of Sooloos, inheriting a design architecture that goes back over 2 decades. That's why there is no per user library, party mode etc.
  4. And in a new development Roon has just become paid adware... I didn't think they had it in them to stoop so low. An absolute final straw, just how arrogant could they get. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/how-to-disable-the-advertising-announcement-pop-ups-in-the-roon-application/165813
  5. Personally I would love to see them fail. Their product is architecturally flawed, it's bug ridden, they're arrogant and they disrespect their customers. Their COO should be muzzled.
  6. Roon's support arrangements are a complete shitshow. They deliberately rely on their customers doing the majority of first line support and if you ask questions their customers don't have answers to Roon either ignores them or they take months to come back. Initially the team appeared quite a pleasant bunch, but as time has passed and their subscriber base has grown so has their indifference toward customers. I avoid their forum now because support requests are pointless and between their fan base and their coo, I'm not sure which I find more vial and arrogant.
  7. Going to try this when I get home today.
  8. Their architecture is client/server and they recommend you connect through a client (endpoint) and not directly through the server. I may be deaf because I’ve never found the server to have any influence on perceived SQ, but have found the endpoint can/does. Irrespective, it’s a bug ridden, leaky pile of crap front end for streaming.
  9. Roon does many things that El Chapo flat out denies. Couple of days back my headless server instance was sluggish and sitting at just over 12GB ram whilst idling. Restart it and it drops to 4, but Roon has no memory leaks.
  10. @Jakob how is this intended to benefit a user - I'm guessing you license the tech to applications which in turn enables them to analyse a user's music and use your engine to create dynamic playlists based on a seed album/track/genre or artist/band?
  11. katools


    Has anyone here tried RompR as a front-end to their music library? https://fatg3erman.github.io/RompR/ Would appreciate any thoughts/insights.
  12. This has been a feature request since the initial release. You're waiting in vain, they couldn't care less about things that don't interest them or require a rethink of their architecture. How this and property user profiles eluded their thinking at the outset is anyone's guess.
  13. Windows, OSX or Linux for the FLAC checking? Re DSD and others I can't help as they have no in-built error checking I'm aware of. Regarding detecting future bit rot in general: https://www.snapraid.it/
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