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  1. Now it works -- thanks a million!
  2. Dear domether -- can you share the link for Volumio version 2.873 that you used. I am having the same issue but I can't find that particular version anywhere. Thanks!
  3. I think now I know what you mean when you say you need to install OLED script before changing the hostname. I changed the host name back to "volumio" and ran the script. This time it seemed to run a bunch of python code and install a bunch of stuff... but the screen is still not working! :-(
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply! I do not know if I changed the host name. I certainly did not do so intentionally, but I'm pretty bad with UNIX so it's possible that it changed during the setup without my knowledge... I initially got an error message when running the commands you describe saying that I do not have permission to write to the /opt directory. So I used the "sudo su" command, entered the password, and then did all the steps you described without any more error messages. It seemed to work fine, but the OLED screen still does not turn on. Here are the steps that I did:
  5. Hello -- thanks for this helpful thread! I followed the instructions here ( and I've got Volumio working with the Allo Boss2 player. The comfast wifi dongle is working as well. But the OLED screen does not work, despite following the steps in the above instructions. The driver downloaded and installed but the OLED screen still won't work. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks!
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