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  1. @MarcelNL the amp has a built in streamer the Mac is more for local files and internet radio. It’s the UPnP streaming via the switch direct to the amp that’s changed. The test in the graphs above was run over wifi though. the line was activated on Wednesday Morning.
  2. thanks everyone for the advice, I appreciate it. I played again this evening familiar streaming tracks - I can tell if it improved, which means if anything its subtle, had TV steaming with sound on all day. Olympics is good for background! I tried wifi streaming over tidal from MacBook, there is no improvement just a slightly different sound vs UPnP as the Laptop connects via usb plus its a laptop and the signature of the Nordorst cable is different but that is as normal (I still need to try the cellular stream over hotspot vs wifi stream) Wifi is into the router prior
  3. Anyone experience this with sound change? I live in a series of tall flats that historically only had virgin media cable. Fibre to street then coaxial cable to flats. This last few weeks a fibre provider installed fibre cable to every flat. The whole area is brand new install for them. Mine was installed yesterday and I am one of the first to switch on. Everything in the system remains the same (switches cables etc LPS) except the modem is now a fibre modem before my edge router x instead of cable modem. Even the LPS 12 is the same. the sound with new equipment is more compressed a
  4. Switch came straight from ediscreation which is N&E audio. the LPS is inside the switch which I think is good, space plus less cables. It’s probably just 1amp 12V. The second box is a separate LPS which is 12v 6amp for the router and virgin box in modem mode. I had thought about WiFi access into virgin modem for that very reason to keep WiFi as far away from final switch but I can’t test it sadly as the access point is not managing dchp and modem is just on output 1 of the virgins box with the rest all switched off. I might be able to investigate further when I chang
  5. The other experiment I have run, encouraged by from Eric's own experiments was to look at an the DeLock Net isolator. With the same cable (silver core) I have A/B tested (not blind) the difference of a solid silver core cable with Telegarnter RJ45 with and without DeLock Net Isolator and there is a clear difference. Its not a straight forward improvement but also one persons system is different from another you you might expect changes to equipment to effect each in a slightly different way. At medium and high levels the Isolator shows itself by having a slightly lower
  6. I have now tried basic patch cable (5e and 1m length) and then the same cable stripped to 2 twisted pairs with no outer sleeve. There is a subtle difference, stripped cable has a tiny bit more detail and open sound on strings especially, vocals I find pretty much the same both versions. What I don't know is that the impact of having less twisted pairs (2 instead of 4) and potential crosstalk or is the no sheathing changing the sound... or both After some time going through the PS audio thread with ex Beldon Engineers and others comments (thanks Eric for pointing the way
  7. This is a pair of speakers I wish I never sold, Spendor BC1. All the original caps on the crossovers were within 1% left vs right all the drivers measured same left to right, no cone sag on the bass drivers. Electric guitar never sounded so good and vocals were astonishing for their age / price second hand! Tiny bit flabby on bass but if you added a port on the inside (details on Spendor forum) it improved plus wool rather than foam damping. I later bought another pair to refurb and sell but the bass drivers were better on the first pair I had. The ones that got away
  8. Phase 3 - Adding Ediscreation Silent Network Switch (Extreme Version) Ediscreation network switch seemed the right one for me because of a few key reasons. 1) The Linear Power Supply is built in meaning one less box and maybe actually less cost too as I don’t need a separate power supply. 2) Initial forum reviews were good to great 3) I could upgrade to better components like Furutech IEC inlet and Mundorf /audionote caps along with UPOCC internal wiring and a solid copper base with the “Extreme Version”. Build quality is truly great!! T
  9. Phase 2 + Ethernet cable change to silver Test 4 again but with Ediscreation reference Silver Ethernet cable from router to Dac. (this cable is 95% silver and 5% copper – its an odd one but I see some small specialists are beginning to try this composition and I thought why not try too. Cable construction is copper tape around the twisted pairs and Carbon infused braid on top plus a nylon type outer sleeve with Telegartner Cat 8 RJ45s (as far as I can tell / with the info I have). I do believe cables have in impact on sound, if you prefer the sound or not i
  10. Phase 2 - Adding EdgeRouter X router and turning Virgin Media hub to Modem mode. Image of front and back of Edgerouter X - this one is not my picture but shows both sides. For this next section I added the Edgerouter x and Ediscreation network Switch and a silver ethernet at the same time and then left them running for the week before removing the network switch / silver ethernet and sitting down to listen. Probably I should have given more time for burn. Test 3 repeated – this one was more complicated to go back to as I needed to
  11. Phase 1 part 2 After searching the forums (we all love to right!) I thought “OK I don’t want to spend thousands but I would like something designed well”. I thought about larger TeraDak and many other Chinese LPS, then I scoured ebay and hifishark for Farad Super 3 and a host of other well regarded LPS thinking if I find a good one I can use that now and upgrade the Breeze hifi one later. Inside the Breeze Hifi 12v 3.5a LPS In the end I went down the route of upgrading LPS for the Virgin cable hub and D’link access point to a 1 box solution, removing
  12. Phase 1 This first phase is turning off the wifi in the IPS Virgin home hub and adding wifi via a D’link Access point mounted on the wall much further away from the stereo equipment. Virgin Media Cable Modem Router (HUB 3) I have no choice but to use this for the inbound cable connection. Initially it is connected with Breeze HiFi LPS and standard DC cable but changed to custom made DC cable using Neotech 16awg OCC copper cable using @Nenon style cable making process from “A Novel Way to improve…” thread (thanks Nenon for that) the cable is not earthed.
  13. After weeks & weeks of going through very informative posts I took the next step in my hobby and upgraded the steaming network in several phases using a series of music to test the changes of each phase (by ear). I am trying to use images and diagrams as opposed to just descriptive text to make it as clear as possible for others, like me, hopefully it's simple to follow. There is loads of great info out there please post links to your posts or other posts if you think it will help combine as much constructive (visual) info as possible, there are many network posts, the idea of
  14. Does the DeLock work with 2twisted pairs on input or 4 like a standard ethernet? (2 on output to dac makes sense) https://www.amazon.de/DeLock-62619-DrNetzteilucker-grau/dp/B00WZ3QHVQ https://www.mini-itx.de/media/products/DE-62620_62620-deutsch.pdf I read a review (amazon review ;) but saying that the DeLock works best only with short cable, Tom what is your experience? I see your Mod, easy enough to do thanks. I am not sure about filters as I wonder what a chip isolator filter does to the SQ - you might win something but you also might lose so
  15. No I’ve not used one (yet). for isolation I turned my ISP hub into modem mode going to edge router where WiFi access point also connected then from there into Ediscreation Extreme network switch. This is the link I use the Viablue JSSG Ethernet. Then from there into dac /amp. The ediscreation has a grounding on/off switch per socket on the switch but even if I un ground the viablue cable I don’t notice any difference. It seems the already ungrounded diy Ethernet is already doing a good job ( or the grounding on / off is marginal impact for me and I can’t notice ). Pic below - I can’t say for s
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