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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I think this is a really controversial area. In general I think the twisting of wires is belived to be useful in reducing noise in AC transmission. The improvement in DC is much less significant. Second is we are dealing with 24 wires traversing about 8 inches. If you twist them the resulting wire becoms a cake or a ball and the length of the wire used may have to be doubled or even tripled. The work involved in knitting the 24 wires is not easy. I am not so sure that adding so much metal is a good idea with regards to SQ. Besides cost is also a concern because t
  2. My experience is more in using Linux system and I am not sure it can work in Mac or not. In my system if one use some filters(for example poly-sinc lp) in 1x filter column sometimes one can succed in outputting PCM 1411 in Holo May. Another way is using an NAA with Jussi's OS can also succed in getting to 1411. And you will have to use the onboard USB port.
  3. Thank you Thank you for your post. I have been using this fanless server for 9 months now. Fortunately I do not have CPU throttling problem. I used it initially for going to DSD 256 ASDM7EC. The temperature may reach 70 to 80 degrees Celsius but no CPU throttling. I am using the 800W HDplex DC ATX unit. In recent months I am changing more to upsampling to PCM 1411 and the temperature is not an issue too.
  4. Maybe you can try setting the HQplayer setting to 16 bit and see.
  5. I like the JCAT USB XE card a lot. Compared with the onboard USB ports the JCAT card is better in that it gives a more beautiful mid and high range. The sound is also more pure. But it most be supplied with a good external Linear Power supply otherwise its effect is only mediocre. And also if you are using HQplayer and going to high oversampling frequency e.g. PCM 1411 with say Holo Audio Spring 2 or May you have to scale down to 16 bit instead of 24 bit. This is because of some USB architecture issue and is common to all PCIe USB cards and not just Jcat alone. Unfortunately I don't hav
  6. Thanks for all the info Miska. That explains why I can only get 16 bit to function because I was using a Jcat USB XE card in my NAA computer. I have now tried to use the motherboard's USB ports and yes it can now play 24 bit 1411. But to use the USB card or not probably needs further evaluation as there are PROS and CONS of using it. But one further question is I can't understand why with the Taiko extreme using the onboard USB ports and the Windows HQplayer desktop with or without NAA there are some cracked high frequency sound with PCM 1411 (20bit or 16 bit) in Holo May. Is that
  7. Hi Matt, It was purely a coincidence that one day before this post I have upgraded my L2 Holo Spring to L2 Holo May. As outlined in the posts in the other threads I have growing interests in playing PCM 1411 in my Denafrips Terminator Plus and it is quite natural to make a comparison with the other R2R DAC that can also play PCM 1411 i.e. Holo May(also the Spring2). I have been quite surprised that in the 10 months or so since the May was out there was not much talks about how its high sampling rate PCM sounded. And I finally understand why as it is not an easy job to play PCM1411
  8. This is too difficult for me because I have not tried converting DSD64 to PCM 1411.2. I can only say is for 44.1 files upsampling I would probably prefer the sound of PCM1411.2 than DSD256 EC modulators. And if that's the case then most likely DSD64 files may come to the same result. But I must reiterate that PCM 1411.2 is a new experience and I cannot confidently say that everyone will like it. You really have to listen to it first before making decision.
  9. I don't have personal experience on Gaia. All along my focus is on USB rather than I2S. I have tried Audiobyte, and Singxer SU-1 with Holo Spring but I don't prefer using them but I must say that I have not modified the SU-1 or tried good enough cables. I have not tried I2S input for Terminator Plus. But Terminator plus performance with USB is already very satisfying be it in PCM 705.6 or DSD 256, not to say if you go all the way to PCM1536. I would suggest you go for Terminator Plus first. You can always add a Gaia afterwards. I may be able to get hold of a Gaia sometime later. I will r
  10. Actually it's difficult to describe the PCM1411.2. I can try to explain in the following manner. I tend to think that from 44.1 to 705.6 the improvement is along the same line, i.e increase in detail but without much change in character. But reaching 1411.2 there seems to be a change of character of the SQ. The most obvious is you tend to focus on individual instruments because they are so real and full of feelings so much so that you won't be paying too much attention to the whole orchestra. It is like you see more of the tree but not the forest as a whole. The details of the tree is portraye
  11. Sorry I haven't posted about previous experience about NAA. I only mean that I have already had an experience of comparing different NAA computers. My NAA are Linux -based.
  12. I am all for using HQplyer+ NAA option because singlebox HQplayer alone configuration can at most get 80% of what a HQplayer+NAA system can offer. Having said that I am using one singlebox configuration in one of my system because I am still waiting for some linear power supply for powering the NAA computer. I am using the Jcat USB XE card and still waiting for the new Jplay network card.
  13. Actually I have tried Euphony way back more than a year ago and I still have a license now. Euphony does not seem to be very popular among our circle. We have compared directly audiolinux with HQplayer and Euphony with or without HQplayer embedded we all favor audiolinux. My impression of Euphony is it lacks the bass boost and also tend to have less detail than desired. YMMV. As for the additional heat pipes utilizing heatsinks on both sides I have asked Larry of HDplex about it but it seems that he is not really interested in offering this option.
  14. My comment on the NAA computer also affects the SQ comes from my past experience. I have three NAA computers using similar Asrock motherboards Pro4 but three different CPUs , Intel 8700T, 9700K, and 10700 and I have compared the three with the same HQplayer computer and the SQ is in the same ascending order from 8700T to 9700K to 10700, clearly audible though not night and day difference. And I am quite convinced that the NAA installed in extreme would result in an excellent SQ. It is unlikely that I will conduct any more further NAA computer comparison because of my past experience expl
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