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  1. FYI the the firmware came out the other day. I updated with no issues. 481.
  2. In firmware 480 Rockna added the ability to change the i2s mode. (The effect being channel swapping) Hitting the RPT button on the remote switched between between Rockna mode (HDlink1r) and PS Audio mode (HDlink1p) The setting applies per i2s interface. ie, you can have different settings for each of the i2s inputs. Also note that firmware 481 should be out tomorrow. change log: Under some (rare) circumstances hi-res material (over 192k) would not sync properly in previous versions
  3. I too asked as didn’t get back any useful answers. I don’t even know where/if there is one.
  4. I'm just using a windows 10 PC and the i2s card worked fine.. other than the channels being reversed. But that is good to know. I'm been thinking about roon.. but ugh.. already to many computers in this small NYC apt :)
  5. Thanks for your input on the USB and HQplayer. I'm using the standard balanced edition. It also shows version RD-1.1 when the unit boots up. I wonder if the .1 upgrade is something new or happened a while ago. It is my understanding that Rockna when thru a few upgrades. MSB.. then custom chips.. then new custom chips? *shrug* I think a bunch of us are wondering how the DW holds up to the May. I have a feeling i'll likely get one by the end of the year - sadly i don't have the ears or equipment to test which is "better"
  6. Good to know. Are you sure your brain didn't settle in over 500 hours? :) the core issue with any burn in. (well.. other than speakers... those have moving parts.) (Not questioning you.. but all of us.) speakers... i'm super suck trying to burn them in. It isn't like i can keep them playing music when i'm working or sleeping :) Focal says 100+ hours.. and i think i put like 5 hours on them... from watching TV... Maybe i can't hear as well as i think i can. Age shouldn't have hit me too bad. (I'm in my mid 40s.. never played loud music via headphones when younger.. and in hate loud
  7. flipping thru the options i don't see an option for different modes. hrmm.. there are 2 inputs on the back. Maybe they are different.. but.. no documents came with the unit. The manual online is from 2014... How would you change it on the WL? On the plus side, the popping i was getting from the PF USB bridge is gone. Disconnecting the battery pack on the AQ diamond cables did the job. It was still only an issue related to the PF, but i feel a little bit better that something is working. :) I'm still loving the unit, but i think this is the last time i'm getting costly ge
  8. *sigh* - back into grumpy mode again. The i2s card has the channels reversed. When i ordered the card there is an option to pick which dac it is for. Also either of the PinkFaun cards worked when internally powered by the computer... so. yeah.. there is that too. I an external linear, which does work, but take up way to much room and likely makes zero diff.
  9. Ok. Time to try the Pink Faun i2s card :) all prep'd to make a mess. I also did notice that i hadn't installed the audiobyte drivers. Maybe that will help with the popping when using the USB card. (then again. I'm have zero issues with the one build into the mobo... but the PF was over $1k (plus power)... sooo it should use that. Side question, any suggestions for settings HQplayer? The default settings sounds pretty great. It sucks i can't run qobuz thought it without roon/network streaming. Right now my PC does it all. Unless i'm missin
  10. He doesn't reply to me all the time when i msg. I'm fine with using the USB on the mobo. I'm just grumpy with wasted money on the PF and the extra power. i2s worked fine via pi2aes till the unit went into slow down mode (Not a Rockna problem. likely.) I'm am using AQ diamond usb. I don't notice any diff with that vs my other generic USB cables.. but it it isn't causing any problems and cost a ton.. so i'll keep using it. :)
  11. odd.. I got it from him. Hrmm.. let me look for that email. Maybe i miss read it. It seems i did.. I wonder if my Pink Faun i2s card will suffer like the Pink Faun USB card did with the WD. the usb card had pop on it. (The usb slot on my mobo didn't nor did yggy have a problem.) Does the WD have galvanic isolation on inputs? All dac at this price point should have that.. i hope... also that was the point of the PF card.. and with linear power supply. That is another $2k in the shit gear box. :P (along with $1k AQ power cables and robinhoo
  12. The @GoldenOne video? yeah... makes it sound really good. I wish that guy didn't live in the UK as i'd love to lend him my WD unit. I'm very happy with the WD and I normally have a problem of looking for a problem when I get new equipment. Negative bias :) (which is normally correct when i get anything from AudioQuest.. ugh.. what junk. Wireworld at least doesn't make things sound worse. Better? i'm not sure.. but AQ makes it worse.) *rant* :) I can feel this upgrade from the yggy A2 to the wavedream. Oddly less than the upgrade from my Elac Vela FS speakers to the Foca
  13. @Saleh84 Did you get a chance to hear the Halo May L2 (or L3) yet and compare it to your WD? I'd be very interested in that shootout. Luckily for me i don't like the brass side of the May, but it sounds like it would give the WD a run and at less that 1/2 the price.
  14. Problems i had when i got the unit: The buttons on the front of the unit didn't work very well. I had to hit them multi times for anything to happen. I also had a lot of audio drop out - but after a few hours the audio fixed itself.. and so did the button issues? Maybe a button was stuck? Pink Faun USB card did not like the Rockna (it has no problem with the yggy a2) - I kept getting pops from it. Audiophile USB are likely pointless as any good dac should know how to handle PC noise. But if you want the magic, maybe don't use the PF with the DW. I also had problems
  15. After two month I finally got the Wavedream. Version: Rockna Wavedream RD-1.1 Manufactured: May 2021 Software: 480XLR Here is some pr0n: Testing:
  16. Oh, of note to people using these fine speakers to connect them to a poppy AVR :) Audyssey reports that the speakers are out of polarity. ie, that the black and red connections are reversed. most internet advice for this problem - generally speaking, is check the connections, if all is good, ignore Audyssey. Focal does not suggest doing that. They say to switch the black and red so Audyssey seeing them how they want to see them. This way Audyssey calibrates correct. Once the beepy beepy process is over, switch the wiring back to the correct way. http
  17. she was enjoying the trend of stuff getting smaller pix of old setup:
  18. ok.. these suckers are much bigger than i remembered seeing them in a show room. Much wife anger. I'm going to play around with the wireless for the second sub (which used to also be up front) The TV is going to have to move to the right (and the AV stand) to get the left speaker from the wall. ugh.. not a fun weekend! That said, with the less than ideal placement (holy cow.. so close to the left wall! and they should be more forward) they sound pretty darn good. imaging is great and much better (and well blended base.) But 10K better? no - but that was t
  19. @GregWormald I guess that makes me the frugal one :) I got the Gaia feet today and made some room for my "old" (1 year old) speakers. I tried to buy off the wife with a new OLED in the bedroom.. but that just resulted in more grumpy sounds from her. Thoughts on what breaking in sound i should play? I under and the focals likes a slow break in (vs blast loud - which isn't an option anyway.)
  20. I better like it.. or i'm going to be grumpy for many years. (But that hasn't stopped me from being grumpy about other stuff i bought. Mostly super costly cables.) It did sound amazing at a show room (pre covid.) I normally find most upgrades i make have little to zero impact. I *hope* this is a little more than little. The biggest impact to quality should be speakers and source. I'm replacing both. (Sopra 2 and Rockna wavedream) They should look cool at least. I'm still confused of the over 300lb shipping weight tho...
  21. Thanks for the info Greg. Any users of the Sopra 2 (or 3) have any input? These are pretty popular speakers. (some how at this price point...)
  22. Hi Crew, I have my new Focal Sopra 2 coming this week. (holy cow, why is the shipping weight so much. 309lb!) (The wife calls them Daleks - and is already unhappy. She has no idea how much they cost. I'll keep it that way.) I want to make sure I'm setting it up as best i can. (Note, i'm in a small NYC apt and this is a setup for music / movie and gaming. it totally isn't an ideal room. ) I should be able to get them about 3 feet off the wall (measured from the front of the speaker.) ~5 feet off the left wall I got gaia feet. From what i read replac
  23. i'm not a fan of digital domain volume change... i'd also rather use this: :D
  24. It is a shame they didn't upgrade the dream to use the same pre as the wavelight. The wavelight's pre is analog, but the wavedream's is in the digital domain. better.. would be to just not have a pre-amp at all.
  25. question to rockna users. (i'm still waiting on mine) How does one disable the pre? Set the volume to 100? bypass option setting? Thank!
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