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  1. On the right directly above the album list there is an icon of little lines with an arrow pointing down. Tap this and you can arrange by 3 types, select the the artist and it will order by artist👍
  2. Sir, that is fantastic, thank you so much for your help. Had been trying to strip out the data into a spreadsheet, without a lot of success. thanks again
  3. Ah looks like this maybe my stupid fault. Changed my NAS over the weekend to a new model and the IP address is different. Just had a look at playlists and the m3u file references the old IP. ok so i can sort this file easily on my PC, however the rate.db file, which i suspect stores the favourites, i cannot open. anyone know if this can be edited
  4. Anyone lost all their favourites following the recent firmware update *345. I thought the backup and restore function was for this purpose, but doesn’t restore anything. Playlists are there but all the tracks i applied stars too have gone. Both N10 and N100 the same. any ideas
  5. I have a 4TB N10, would anyone know if it would be possible to replace the internal drives with two 4TB SSDs. I would like to do so myself, which im more than capable, but how do you format and get the N10 to recognise them. im sure i read on here someone had done this.
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