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  1. The Tascam ML-16D instead of the Behringer DCX2496 crossovers and an old PC used as crossover
  2. Hi Rando I've looked at consumer grade DACs and correction systems a few times in the past but didn't found something that could handle the crossover. Going with consumer gear instead of the pro gear is not planned. @bluesman I played a little bit around with the Apogee Roseta 200, a turntable and the headphone amp. SQ doesn't change that much between 96k24 or 192k24 while switching resolutions. Sticking with the current setup seems to be the best option now and getting a new cartridge instead.
  3. My primary goal is better sound especially the Tascam is IMHO only an entry level device. The Apogee probably only needs a new AES/EBU to Dante converter in a new setup. I'm still satisfied with its performance after 15 years. 10 channels of the Tascam are connected to the VCA Controller Power amplifiers. 3x3 Channels for the active stereo fronts, the dedicated active mono front and the subwoofer channel. Channel 11-15 are empty and channel 15-16 are connected to my headphone amplifier.
  4. In their FAQ I linked above they claim in the first answer that MQA is lossless. No word on the container itself. Source; https://www.mqa.co.uk/newsroom/qa/is-mqa-lossless This is clearly missleading. Something like Q: Can a petrol car drive without fuel? A: Yes But only a few feet in case the 1st gear is engaded and you will use the engine starter.
  5. Nice Brickwall filter not leaky at all😇
  6. I ment Competition and Markets Authorithy. They should be responsible for this m***.
  7. I don't record music. Sometimes I do a needledrop thats it
  8. I'm thinking about upgrading my setup from 96k to 192k. My Setup uses a Tascam ML-16D and a PC running Reaper and serveral convolution plugins as crossover / room correction. There is also an old Apogee Rosetta 200 A/D D/A Converter which feeds the headphone amp and takes the signals of the analog sources. Thought about replacing the Tascam with a Focusrite Rednet 2 Converter and the Apogee Rosetta 2oo with a Lynx Hilo
  9. The last thing I've purchased was a KAB fluid damper for my Pioneer PLX-1000 and an Audio Technica VM95ML cartridge as a gift for my boyfriend
  10. In my oppinion this is clearly misleading advertising. See the first question. https://www.mqa.co.uk/newsroom/qa/is-mqa-lossless There is more than enoght evidence that MQA is everything but lossless. Has anybody living in the UK informed CMA already. For me living in Austria this has become quite difficult since brexit.
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