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  1. Thank you @Miska, and thanks to you all. Now all digital audio from my old MBP (it has optical out 😀) runs trough USBStreamer to HQPlayerd OS. No clicks no pops, just music. Stefano.
  2. I'd like to find a way to convey all the digital audio output of my Mac to HQPlayer Os through lan or... whatever. Thank you for your help.
  3. Hi @Miska, can you help me understand what is going on? It's hqpd os 4.24.1 on an i7-4770(old but it does avx2). If a set of filter dither/modulator works, will always work. Sometimes, trying to play a new combination, one thread on the right goes straight to 100% and there will stay. Browser control unresponsive. Then I have to reboot and change settings Even if I send "shutdown -r now" this is what I get I was trying below PCM setting. Below SDM setting plays very nice.
  4. To my eyes, Audirvana Studio GUI is cluttered and congested.
  5. No genre selection for Qobuz? Like in 3.5 ?
  6. with no upsampling, 3.5, 1.0, 1.1, same sound IMO
  7. ops ... wrong thread.
  8. poly-sync-sinc-short-mp, DSD5, X256, Mojo, ATH-R70X. Yellowjackets first album, a 1981 digital recording and.. Robben Ford guitar is flying in the darkness... ... and my mbp too: 103° peak then fan kicks in in vacuum mode to get cores back to 93°. I 've got a long headphone cable. Bello, grande, grazie. Stefano.
  9. ..... I might need new hardware.
  10. Hi, @Miska, it is really impressive how good red book cd rips sound just applying filter and shaping at x1, x2 ! I I'm running HQP on a mid 2012 dual core i5 mbp, and my dacs are Mojo and a topping Dx3 pro. Which setting would you suggest to explore? Thank you for your work.
  11. but I'm talking about small, tiny differences. I'm not going to choose A Studio because of R8brain.
  12. I removed my local library from AS....
  13. And what about this aac "Confirmed HD recording"?
  14. In my ears R8brain does a better upsampling than my dacs.
  15. Ok then, I'm ready to pay 80 bucks to have R8brain in Audirvana 3.5. 🙂
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