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  1. Yes this solution is mainly for up-sampling and filtering in the same format as the source. I am using the Holo Audio KTE May DAC and it shines at 1536kHz and the Innuos is more than capable of delivering that. It is also capable of up-sampling DSD64/126 to DSD256 in all filters but EC. Here are my settings:
  2. Thank you for the help (again) and Sorry for making you repeat already answered questions! i must say that my system has really come alive after the change from pure Roon upsampling to HQPlayer upsampling/filtering. It is a bigger upgrade in sound quality than most hw upgrades i have made!
  3. Thought for a moment you where trolling me with the reference to snakeoil... 🤣 I did not know of this OS option - thanks for sharing!
  4. Finally got my Innuos Zenith to run embedded HQPlayer OS and streaming sweet 1536kHz (Sinc-Mx, LNS15) to the May. I had expected to run the Zenith as a NAA but after having had huge problems with running the NAA image I ended up trying the OS image instead. To my huge surprise the Zenith upsamples to 1536kHz without any problems and I don't have to use my Windows PC to run the Desktop app - big win! I have made a post in the Music Servers section if anybody else is interested in how to do this. I have a HQPlayer - May dac question: I see that people like @GoldenOne config
  5. Just a FYI to people with Innuos streamers who might want to greatly improve their sound by turning their Innuos in to a 1536kHz capable embedded HQPlayer. I have been researching this for some time so thought I would share for other Innuos owners who might have been considering HQPlayer but like to keep their nice Innuos HW. I just upgraded my Zenith mk3 and it is one of the best upgraded I have ever done to my system for the small price of a HQPlayer license! 1: Download and install a Disk Image writer like Win32 Disk Imager on a PC (https://win32diskimager.org/). Don’t know
  6. SUCCESS x3 1: Can boot the Zenith with the OS image only connected to 1 Ethernet port 2: Surprisingly the Zenith can do the 1536kHz up-sampling and filtering (sinc-Mx, LNS15) without the need of a desktop PC 3: Since the Zenith only receives the Roon stream I can still use my EtherRegen Result: Super happy new paying HQPlayer customer
  7. Sorry for being a bit slow Is it in "Index of /bins/hqplayerd/images/" ? And should I use "hqplayer-embedded-4.24.2-x64.7z" ?
  8. That explains the dropouts... Guess I have a EtherRegen for sale ;-) Where do I find the OS images? Is it the buster, fc25 etc? Which one should I use?
  9. Just tried to connect both Zenith ports to my router.... and it WORKED :-) I will try some more to see if I can get it to work with only 1 interface so I can use my EtherRegen. thank you for your help @Miska
  10. Yes, there is both a normal ethernet interface and a streamer interface (HiFi improved..) They are called eno1 (connected) and enp3s0 (not connected)
  11. Hello @Miska Thank you so much for taking your time to reply and sorry for the late response. I finally had some free time to give it another shot. 1: Good 2: Yes Windows. All interfaces are off except my lan card. 3: I have tried the 3 NAA images (4112, 412, 4121) but am unsure of what to download to try the OS image. Could you please let me know what and where? I tried several things today (reboot of Zenith after each change): - The old image (4112) as my last trials where with the 2 latest images (412 & 4121). No change (except that I don't get any r
  12. Just tried to move my HQPlayer PC closer to my May so I could connect it directly and it works beautifully at 1.536M PCM and 256xDSD! So the player side looks to work as intended. It actually sounds better directly from my PC with HQPlayer than from the Zenith with Roon.... This unfortunately isnt a permanent solution as the WAF kills the idea of a PC in the living room... So I need to get the Zenith to work as a NAA (please see my message above)
  13. Status: Both the Zenith and the HQPlayer PC is hooked up to the same ASUS GT-AX11000 router configured as a AiMesh Node to a ASUS RT-AX92U which is the main AiMesh router. Both have the latest firmwares. To not have to many unknowns I have removed my EtherRegen from the chain. Here is what I do: 1: Power on DAC and amp 2: Boot Zenith with naa-4121-x64.img or naa-412-x64.img made using win32diskimager-1.0.0-install.exe or rufus-3.14.exe on a Win10 PC I let it run until the login screen (do I need to login?). While booting I get a wall of text and a lot of green "icons".
  14. Yes, May dac is on the right input and shows dsd512x in the display (shows 44khz when there isnt a link)
  15. I have turned off all other network interfaces on my HQPlayer PC where I do the processing. I have 2 (only 1 connected) on the NAA (Innuos Zenith) and there doesn't seem to be any option to turn it off in the bios. I can ping the NAA but I cant access it (ip:8088) or find it in the player.
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