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  1. Thanks for taking your time to answer - really depreciate it! I looked at the sms200 ultra and as far as I can find it "only" supports 768KHz/DSD512. Really a shame the Innuos cant be used as a NAA device as it has the same capabilities and has ion reviews been found better performing than the sms200 ultra.... ah well... In an earlier commend of you mentioned 1536KHz being better than 768KHz. Is that directly from the sms200 ultra, a PC or do you have another NAA device capable of such high frequencies?
  2. Sorry for taking up a topic from another forum (hope it is ok!?). Its May dac related 😉 @GoldenOne and others. With your experience with the May dac, HQP and ROON I would like to ask a question: Have you tried the May dac with a high quality dedicated ROON streamer (like a Innuos Zenith) and compared it to a PC or NAA device streaming HQP? I have a Innuos Zenith Mk.3 and it was a significant improvement over my PC for ROON (sound quality and convenience)(and it fits nicely in to a HiFi rack 😉). I have been wondering if the sound improvement from the Zenith would compare with the
  3. I can. Now it feels like a power amp - hot but not burning (if that makes sense) But as I wrote then I will be looking in to getting a rack - potentially I could have the power supply and dac on separate shelves. That´s 6 shelves + 1 for when I get my dream Blue Hawaii SE amp for the STAX with separate power supply -> 7 shelves..... They said: "Get a headphone setup - you wont need as many boxes".... ;-)
  4. Moving the Zenith below the May has helped and it is at least 5 degrees cooler then with the Zenith on top. Another factor with the previous setup was that it was on top of my Powerplant which also has some heat radiation which was going up into the May. The Zenith is cooler so that is probably part of the improvement. I will be looking in to getting a rack as my 5 stack + amp on the side (and etherregen on the back) is getting a bit silly... 20210422_155401225_iOS.heic
  5. Thanks for the quick response! And good to know it’s normal though quite surprising for a dac! Guess i need to rearrange my gear again tomorrow 😉
  6. Got my KTE edition yesterday and was foot tapping all evening. Very clear improvement right out of the box compared to my RME ADI-2 fs. Left it playing during the night and next day and found to my surprise that after being on for about 24 hours it is so hot i cant keep my hand on the side panels.... Is that normal? i do have my Innuos Zenith on top of it but I didn’t expect it to get that hot. So now i have turned it off and will write Holo if that is normal...
  7. Thanks for the input lpost So you would have a Roon server streaming to a hqplayer PC/server steaming to a NAA endpoint - is that correctly understood? Since the Innuos is basically a purpose build PC I wonder if it could run as a NAA endpoint? The Innuos clearly outperforms a PC as a Roon endpoint so I would assume the same would be the case if it could work as a NAA endpoint. I have tried to Google it but haven't found any official support or HowTo. Does anybody have any experience with this or the performance of Innuos products in combination with the May dac?
  8. Hello all I just signed up but have been following the tread for months. Your experienced with the May dac has been part of the reason I had to have one. Last night Magna just confirmed my KTE was ready to ship and I cant wait to get it in my system. It will be replacing my RME ADI-2 DAC FS which is a good dac but sounds a bit to harch with my STAX SR-009. Reading your experiences with hqplayer it got me thinking if my Innuos Zenith mk3 (steaming from a ROON ROCK server) would be outclassed by a good hqplayer PC upsampling to 1.5MHz or DSD1024... Anybody who has compared the Zen
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