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  1. I hope Smallgreen computer can build some for us uneducated ones!
  2. Please keep us updated with what and how you are hearing! Much appreciated. Thanx
  3. Chris, are you convinced that upsampling is the way to go now? Do you notice times when it is not better? Also do you try to feed a DAC its highest native input or just upsample at will? Thanx Mike
  4. Bricasti M21 has both Delta Sigma and Ladder DAC internally, easy to hear the difference.
  5. Thanx Chris, Do you think that software and players upstream are still just as important with the Sonore in the system? Is there still a big sonic difference between say, 1. ROCK / NUC 2. CAPS Cortes / Windows 10 Pro 3. QNAP NAS Thanx
  6. The Genelecs take an XLR, why not use a very good external USB to SPDIF or AES converter?
  7. So....... I am driving a " Really good" DAC direct signal via USB from my laptop plugged into the mains. I remove the mains cable and I believe I hear an improvement in what am listening to. Is this also outside your realm of belief? The ones and zeros didnt change. Or because this can measured is it an allowable phenomenon?
  8. Really??? The difference in sound quality is obvious to anyone here, most of them dont even know what the endpoint is for. If your stance is so rigid has there been no advance in digital playback for you in the last 30 years.
  9. Even power cables can make a "Good" DAC sound different.
  10. Sure, I can swap the Bricasti or the Audio Alchemy ethernet endpoints into any system I choose here. Both are bit perfect, both sound different, doesnt matter what Dac or digital monitor I use.
  11. I have repeated this with many DACs and digital monitors. My new expensive endpoint is simply better.
  12. Or what about the difference in sound created by transmission of Data before the DAC? I have two Ethernet Roon endpoints. My Dac tells me both are bit perfect. They sound nothing like each other!
  13. Correct. Turntable goes thru ADC and DSP as does any digital source we have set up as well. We then have have trained industry listeners from outside come to listen to tell us if our design work is heading in the right direction. The listeners have absolutely no idea what source or changes have been made since the last time they visited. Often the result of our work is entirely unexpected, improvements come where least expected. Also what I expected to be a great leap forward (bias) was not so great at all and ended up in the bin. The DSP cleans up the playback of any source, however I still believe it comes at a sonic cost of its own.
  14. Also, as a response to all the other nonconstructive comments re: vinyl. All my design work is run thru a pair of carefully calibrated Genelec 8260s using DSP. DSP is very good at improving speaker and room issues but it does not alter the quality of the source material. The vinyl rig still kills it more than 50 percent of the time. Personally I want digital to be better, I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of vinyl at home, and I have over ten TB of digital files. But is still sounds lean and 2D to my ears. DSP also has its price. NOTHING comes close to an analogue only system with pure class a amps directly connected to a driver.
  15. Really....(sigh) you think I didnt know that? CONVERTED, yes.
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