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  1. Further to my question yesterday, I’m now considering the NAD C 388. It gives me the connectivity options I need. It will also decode MQA. All the info I can find on it though keeps referring to its Bluesound module to stream. I already have a streamer so don’t need that functionality. AFAIK, MQA unfold occurs in the DAC. If I feed the C388 from my CXN V2 with Roon via coaxial will it still decode the MQA or is there further wizardry in the Bluesound module that does this? I don’t want to pay for functionality that I don’t require.
  2. I’m seriously thinking of scrapping both the current avr and not purchasing the NR 1200 and just buying a decent stereo amp without any DACs, just straight pass to the speakers
  3. Just lifted this from the AVR manual. Think this will do the trick for me but not 100% certain. ”This unit is equipped for future expansion through the use of Multi channel Super Audio CD multichannel player or DVD-Audio player. When this is selected, the input signals connected to the L(front left), R (front right), CENTER, SL (surround left), SR (surround right) and SBL (surround back left) and SBR (surround back right) channels of the 7.1 CH. In jacks are output directly to the front (left and right), center, surround (left and right) and surround back speaker systems as well
  4. I lifted the below from a review of the NR1200. Direct and pure direct appear to by pass the time controls from what that says but think it still gets passed through the DAC. I’m looking through the AVR manual re the 7.1 analogue inputs currently “The NR1200 has a choice of three sound modes: Stereo, Direct, and Pure Direct. The Stereo mode routes the audio via the NR1200’s tone controls and will apply M-DAX if it’s been selected. M-DAX is a kind of sound processing that can boost the bass and treble of lower-quality MP3 files or other audio of dubious heritage. M-DAX is probably
  5. Did you mean on the AVR or the DAC? The Avr has the usual Direct and pure direct but from what I have read it will still undergo some processing. It doesn’t have a HT bypass unfortunately. I’ll check up though on the NR1200 Appreciate the quick reply, thank you.
  6. Hi all, new here and have checked lots of previous posts but haven’t quite found the answer. I’ve downsized from a 7.1 home theatre room due to a house move. I’m also looking to now rationalise my gear and given the volume of streaming I now do wanting to concentrate my attention on my music, stereo specifically. I’ve just purchased a Cambridge CXN V2 streamer which my Roon account runs through. I have Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions and currently enjoy both, happy to stay subscribed to both for the moment. I have the Cambridge feeding a Marantz SR7005 via ana
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