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  1. Thank you guys. I'll be leaving mine on then 🙂 Superdad, I agree with your comments, the UltraRendu has far exceeded my expectations. A great piece of kit. Cheers
  2. Hi As a new UltraRendu owner I find myself asking - “should I leave it powered on 24/7, or only when I’m using it”? What is recommended? Thanks Nick
  3. Hi I received a SGC 7V LPS today to power an UltraRendu. I'm slightly confused by the rear panel - there are 2 DC power output sockets. Which do I use? Does it matter? Why are there two? Apologies for such a noob question. Thanks, Nick
  4. I had multiple issues with Diet-Pi "out of the box", including WiFi. The documentation is far from adequate imho. I switched to RoPiee and had everything working, including Wi-Fi ,within a few minutes. I'm unclear why RoPiee is not an option at purchase, because it seems to be a much more novice friendly solution. I am asking in another thread if there is any reason not to run with RoPiee. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I recently received my "plug 'n play" DigiOne Signature Player. I had requested DietPi as the pre-installed operating system as I am a Roon user. On installing the player I simply was not able to get DietPi working correctly as a Roon endpoint. Roon would see the endpoint but tracks would not "play". Anyway, to the point of my question. I have some experience with RoPiee, so I installed a RoPiee image into the DigiOne Signature Player and had everything working satisfactorily within a few minutes. Is there any reason to believe my soun
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