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  1. I would have loved to provide samples on the web page for everyone to download ant try, but the problem is copyright. I did try to approach few labels who already had free samples up on their site but none of them were interested in their samples being gargle-blasted and made available even if I said I will link to the originals on their site. For the same copyright reason I cannot also post a track on a public forum. The alternate will be if you provide details on one or two tracks that you own and would like gargle-blasted (you need not upload them), then someone here with the sa
  2. MScalar will not 'pass through' they get noise shaped by Mscalar as the dual BNC cannot handle more than 24 bits at 16FS. PGGB already outputs noise shaped to 32bits and being noise shaped again by MScalar will not be optimal. But you can turn that off and allow Mscalar to do the noise shaping if you wish. For best results I will recommend noise shaping to 24bits or 2). gargle-blast at 32 bits without noise shaping if going through Mscalar.
  3. It would be best to choose 5 tracks you are most familiar with and either me or someone here with PGGB can gargle-blast them for you. The limitation is due to Matlab's runtime that requires Mojave (10.14) or higher. I have a Macbook Air M1 but they are still limited to 16GB RAM, it would be ok for trail but if you plan tot gargle-blast your library I would recommend something more beefy. You may be able to try even DSD and DXD if you drop the mas taps to 128M to where your Mac can handle it. That is a tough one on 16GB as Macs don't let you allocate swap space, and you
  4. It is best to avoid playing through M-Scalar as M-Scalar will noise shape 32 bit files to 24bits before sending it out via dual BNC. If you had to try, I suggest setting Mscalar to pass through and using 24bit noise shaped output from PGGB.
  5. For those with space constraints, version 1.1.00 is now available that supports FLAC and Wavpack lossless compressed output formats.
  6. It is hard to make a generalization. In the case of DAVE which is also a 32bit DAC like Qutest and shares a similar pipeline, I prefer 32bits to 24bits (based on USB input). It is best to try both and decide the tradeoff between reduced size and any perceived loss of SQ.
  7. Yes you can choose the maximum number of taps to use for your track, but the number of taps has no bearing on the file size. The output file size is determined by the 16FS output rate and bit depth. At 16FS 32bit output, you can expect every three minutes of track length to occupy 1Gb of disk space uncompressed. If you use wavpack compression, you can reduce that to about 330Mb for every 3 minutes. FLAC does not support 16FS rates
  8. I like that! From here on we will gargle-blast tunes. This is the way!
  9. I had put that recommendation based on some issues that early testers were having with the firmware. I believe with the right firmware you can do 32FS/20bits now. I recommend 20bits if you are able to play it without any issues
  10. There are some (badly mastered) recordings that can benefit, but due to the subjective nature, I cannot make an assertion, it is best to try with tracks you listen to.
  11. No PGGB does not, it is nearly impossible to reverse the effect of dynamic range compression. There are ways to improve though and something i may consider in the future.
  12. Found the smoking gun. Patch issued (v1.0.82): PGGB - Offline remastering (remastero.com) It should fix the issue with longer 32bit tracks not playing beyond 12 minutes and broken meta data. Thet tracks were supposed be split at 4Gb but they were not.
  13. Thanks for reporting this and for the logs, I just tired a 44 minute track on my Mac book Air (16G RAM), and I see the issue. I will debug this and issue a patch.
  14. You will have to take this up with Jussi/HQP, HQP goes by what the DAC advertises, so not sure what the issue is.
  15. Your DAC supports up to 384kHz, 32bits. It could be your settings in HQP, I assume play via USB.
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