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  1. It won’t have any differences in the digital input since it’s only transmitting data from the Node to your external DAC. You can put as many improvements on power supply you want but it won’t ever change the data transmission. It will always be 010101010101 binary.
  2. Nice, it looks good and very affordable. I hope they ship to the Netherlands. I tested the Gaias last two days and they completely numb all the bass from my speakers, very disappointing results, I'm returning it for sure. thank you
  3. LOL!! no man, it's alright, I'm reading everything and learning a lot, I'm really trying an alternative method before succumbing to the overproved Gaias from Isoacoustics.
  4. thank you very much for the explanation. In my case the sub I was mentioning is the Subwoofer from my floor standing speakers, not a dedicated subwoofer. But I hope I'll find something with all the links people sent me here. My last option is the overpriced Gaia series from IsoAcoustics. Let's see
  5. in this case of concrete or granite, do you place the speakers over it with the spikes or rubber feet?
  6. yes, my first thought was indeed the Isoacoustics Gaia series. But the price of the pack for 2 speakers is almost the price of one of my speakers, so I'm really trying to find a cheaper solution before needing to start all that family novel about spending 700 euros in speakers isolators. But yes, thank you
  7. Do you have a picture of the slabs by any chance? Do you think it will work on laminated hardwood floor?
  8. I'll check on these. It's the sub from my floor standing speakers that I just bought and cost me the liver.
  9. I just bought a new pair of speakers and today was the second time I got the downstairs neighbor on my door complaining from the bass shaking his apartment. I swear it wasn’t too loud ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) but I mean, What can I do to try to isolate the bass from the floor? Is there any DIY solution? Bass traps? Do isolators pads as these ones work?? Please advice
  10. Yes, I have a Node2i. I'm not considering this upgrade since I use the digital output and my external DAC and a better PSU won't have any impact in sound quality while transmitting data. But this Polish PSU indeed made a lot of difference when using the Node2i internal DAC
  11. What are your thoughts about this PSU upgrade on the Node2i? the improved PSU is made by https://pd-cf.com/produkt/bluesound-node-2-2i-upgrade-kit-low-noise-psu-interface-smpsu/ here are the first audio tests with the improved PSU on and off. Headphones recommended and here the tutorial on how to install the new PSU
  12. What you guys think about this PSU upgrade on the Node2i
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