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  1. But you're the one who wrote a few days ago that well get a new version of the apps with a new Chromecast handler
  2. And when will new version of web/Android app will be released? I'm really looking forward to the Chromecast volume fix 🙃
  3. :-D I'm writing from my phone so the corrector decides ;-) Really? There's aklwys time to learn :-) That would be the best: using an app with a nice UI on a bit perfect protocol. Only problem is that when I go to share in the Quboz Android app I only see my device and the Shield TV.
  4. Yes, mConnect is another option. I had already paid for Bubble uPnP, but mConnect is similar. You know the HEOS app for Denon and Marantz? It's simply a dlna enabled app made by Denon, same concept as for mConnect or Bubble uPnP. Honestly I still prefer using Android or Win Quboz app as UI is much better than any 3rd party dlna app.
  5. As I said, if you use other 3rd party dlna enabled apps, it works: Quboz apps (web, android, iOS) have instead problems. On web app it was enabled but was buggy and eventually it's been disabled. On Android app it was never available.
  6. Technical debt is like a debt with Mafia: if you ignore it for too long, you wake up one day with a gun at your forehead and either you pay or you die :-)
  7. uPnP/dlna is a standard and it actually works: if you have Bubble uPnP on Android you can stream to a dlna enabled amplifier. What does not work is dlna from Quboz web app itself (full of bugs and actually disabled). Quboz android app does not even have the dlna feature. And you get bit perfect. Chromecast is not a standard, but it's a protocol built into a lot of devices and if implemented at full capacity you can stream up to 24/192 so in theory you'll get bit perfect. My Nvidia Shield TV implements Chromecast protocol at full potential, the Google puck is capped at 24/96 I think
  8. As an IT Manager, I fully understand. On the other side I understand frustration of paying customers. It seems to me you are growing in an unexpected way on the international market, and you are now facing with some issues (in terms or tech architecture and development organization) that needs to be solved. Look at Chromecast integration and uPnP/DLNA that are buggy. Now the main problem is that what someone defines important for someone else is not important. If you ask me Chromecast integration needs to be solved asap for both web and android app,athe
  9. Fine and I'll eventually buy a Sonos speaker for my home office, but I still want Chromecast issues fixed 🙃
  10. I got another update today (I'm on beta) and volume issue persists.
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