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  1. I will unplug everything and try it again. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the response. Allan F.'s question is a fair one and sorry that my question is so ambiguous. Here is my equipment: - Pass Labs X250.8 Amplifier -Herron VTSP-360 Preamplifier -Herron VTPH-2A Phono Stage -Aqua La Scala MKII Optologic DAC -Innuos Zen MK3 Music Server -Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2EX Speakers I have Grover Huffman RCA cables. Everything powers up so I believe the problem is somewhere in how I connected the cables to the equipment and/or the respective switches. I have a turntable too, but that is in my office, and is o
  3. So, I feel like an idiot. I had a great home system that worked perfectly, primarily streaming music over a computer. I decided to upgrade my equipment over the course of several years. I got the last piece shortly before the pandemic, got everything plugged in and set up and . . . could not get any sound. I have fiddled with things about a dozen times, but just cannot get things to work. Ordinarily, I would go see my local dealer to get some help, but he is closed due to COVID. I have tried a couple of times and am sure that I am just missing something in terms of how I have plugged eve
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