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  1. You compared this with 29 dolar Chromecast and <50 dollar Echo? Seriously. Compare it with Node 2i which is in a similar price range. Or with Aureliac or ELAC DDP2 or something more serious.
  2. Very cool. Never heard of them (until following this thread). Might want to listen but they do not seem to have the return policy of Buchardt, so a little hard to try in Canada. The looks are more for people who like vintage furniture look… not quite the sleek modern European look of Dutch & Dutch or Buchardt. Wish they did a whole white version with a light color front baffle. Any ideas how we can try this? At 10,000 bucks there are many options now including Focus XD 20 with a subwoofer or Focus XD 30 from Dynaudio. Or formation duo from B&W…
  3. Disagree about LCD-1. Audeze is good at its overpriced higher end, but this was a dud. It's boring and flabby at 400 bucks. Way too many better options - Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro...NAD HP 50 or 70...Meze 99....Audio Technica ATH-R70x.... Hifiman Sundara....etc.
  4. Which Etymotic in particular? I love in-ear IEMs. Onkyo E700M was the steal of the century at 99 bucks at that level of airy clarity with the bass, but it's discontinued.
  5. Buchardt A500 would be a much better bargain than Xeo 20 these days (the newer version of Xeo 4). Xeo 20 and LS 50 W2 are comparable and subjectively I like the Xeo 20 more despite a few finicky features. To compare against A500, I'd pick Focus XD 20 from the Dynaudio lineup, and there the competition is tough. The A500 has a dynamic sound, Focus XD may sound a touch more 'refined', but you're in subjective territory. A500 has some excellent modern room correction features and their master tunings (presents of EQ).
  6. Yes I understand part of it was to make light but it’s a mistimed one. I’ve yet to see a 5” subwoofer displace as much air as an 8” one — regardless of how well they’re both executed. Anyway we are straying from the original thread. It’s a glowing review of Five17s amid some formidable company so these are definitely worth an audition, especially as they’re shipped already broken in. Love the all e-commerce type business model similar to Buchardt. Might give these a shot.
  7. Unless your ears are at the same distance from an IEM and a speaker, your logic makes very little sense. A 75 inch TV will look better than a 45 inch TV (simple visual physics), but one doesn’t argue that by saying “but my phone also looks clear”... well duh, the phone wouldn’t look as clear if it was kept on the wall. Your IEM is in your ear. Different principle. I’m sure a well executed 5inch woofer can go low. But there’s a reason Genelec has 8331, 8341, 8351...
  8. That’s about 50 countries shy of spotify. Mine isn’t listed (Canada). Anyway qubuz has a small percentage of music that Spotify does. Tidal has about 95% of Spotify library now, qubuz about 50%. Anyway thanks.
  9. At Arya price range I’d just get HEDDPhone. But open backs are not for everyone.
  10. PS. Qubuz is only available in the US. Might be helpful to share Tidal or Spotify playlists :)
  11. Thank you. Sounds great by the way you review, and given the august company in which you evaluated it. But a 5" woofer...it's hard to believe the physics. How odes that produce anything compared to the 8" woofer in D&D 8C? Or is there some other feature I'm overlooking?
  12. I think you explain it more accurately than I do :) All I know is between these two possible "chains"-- 1. Mac Mini --> Xeo 20 2. Mac Mini --> Modius --> Xeo 20 ...#1 should technically either be better with Xeo's innate DSP, or should not make much of a difference, but #2 is markedly better for my ears. I didn't realize this was "analogue"!
  13. Great review. In simple English, it seems you like these better than 8C, Kii 3, and Buchardt A500?
  14. Just curious. What will you be replacing them with?
  15. Xeo 2 is discontinued. Xeo 10 is well and live. Maybe Crutchfield might have decided to not sell it.
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