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  1. But how accurate is the reproduction by a ruler flat headphone when the music has been produced/approved on monitoring speakers such as JBL M2 with the attached in-room response ? ( cf Dr Floyd Toole, https://www.avsforum.com/threads/jbl-m2-master-reference-monitor.1454077/page-214#post-57291428 ) The discrepancies would even be greater if monitoring speakers were tuned to the 10 dB smooth tilt mentioned above. Do the RAAL accept a bit of bass boost or a tilt to mimic the mastering conditions (on speakers on the vast majority of instances, with headphones called in eventually an
  2. "Rather than using a handful of parametric eq’s (PEQ) that don’t adequately smooth the response, I prefer the high-resolution approach of making a large number of small adjustments in the frequency domain" : is it correct then to conclude that your eQ (mainly between 4 K and 20K Hz here) is made of a large number of NARROW Qs PEQ ? And how narrow (> 10? even larger ( narrower) numbers? do you advocate using when correcting headphones? loudspeakers?
  3. why would you want the initial REW measurements; you redo the filters?
  4. P.S . : trying to think about things I have done : I might have had Client opened simultaneously on a MBP and a MB Air (but it's now closed and all issues and solutions experimented with the MBP)
  5. Ok, done it twice : Hardwired, Mini's WIFi oFF After relaunching HQP and Client, respectively on a Mini and a MBP, and a few glitches, say at 1 and 3 minutes into the first track, the network settles and I can then enjoy a full album. Now the ethernet cable goes trough a door left ajar and going through the wall after moving heavy furniture including 1500 + LPs will prove very very cumbersome. Any idea how to get a stable WIFI connection back? ( Mini and Airport are only 50 centimetres away, but with a wall in between and it used to work)? fix I
  6. Neither did (ugly, temporary) hardwiring while keeping wifi for Client control (not sure if it's kosher nor if a restart would help but Client could not see the hardwired Mini while it obviously saw the NAA for I had music playing
  7. etching a new NAA OS image did not help
  8. Thank you Jussi Yes the discovery lines sometimes pile up while I'm listening The NAA is hard wired but the Mini is wireless. I tried from RAM Disk too ; so if it comes from a Mini connectivity issue it's on the way sending via the router, not getting audio data from the HDD attached to the router Guess I should first etch a new NAA OS image, then hard wire the Mini (OMG !! need to get through a wall) if its does not work Will report ; in the meantime, if you other suggestions I should try before going through the wall...
  9. HELP !!! I don't know what's left to troubleshoot... @Miska of course but anyone who has experimented such issues is welcome While testing options to answer my own HQPlayer settings polls last week I had 1 short interrupt a while after most every change but then it was fine. Now I have settled but for convolution and resampling filters that I change depending on the content. For 2 days I can't enjoy a single track without 1 to 3 seconds interrupts (just no sound), sometimes several in a row starting at the beginning, sometimes I can believe I so
  10. Thank you, I'm not a teenager either, even doubt anyone my age aligns 15 KHz ; nevertheless I played with high shelves this weekend. Without correction above 350 Hz, my in-room response follows nicely the 2 lowest references at right hand till 10 KHz and is 2 dB lower at 15 KHz and growing. The 1 per L and R Hi shelves aimed at gaining 2 dB @ 10K and 4 above 15 to follow Floyd Toole's idealised Steady State, compensating for distance and absorption while still respecting my loudspeakers. It sure makes the kick drum (or contrabasses in a classical ensemble) shines. Maybe it's thanks to the 1dB
  11. But... does "the algorithm (will) create transient timing uncertainty ? BTW some Hires increment HQP apodizing counter like crazy ie latest Robert Plant. And besides a minority of acoustic jazz and classical DDD so do most 44.1 . So whats worse?
  12. Sorry, I won't list all HQP filters and invite you to vote for you favourite resampling filters ; whoever has never varied casts the first such poll... We know it depends on content, moon, mood, etc. Personally, I got bored recently of such hyped filters as Sinc L or M. In Preferences I currently have ext3 for 1x (grip, transients, most energy at both low and high extremes) and mqa mp for Nx (reveals more humanity in vocals, balance in acoustic instruments, and generate the more foot tapping even with classical). I wish to be able in the future to compare ext3 to a minimum phase filter of the
  13. ext3 is in my Preferences for 1x
  14. @Miska you replied : "the filter has delay, that's why." Does it matter (beyond displaying a nice plot) and if Yes, how to get rid of it?
  15. Part IV addresses delta-sigma modulators (Manual, page 23) For any of the preceding polls, we can find some technically driven suggestions by @Miska (convolution engine Add should be preferred to Save for it is lighter -- yet I prefer Save -- ; CIC SDM integrator should be a more rational choice with 128 source -- yet it's my favorite with 64 -- while any IIR is close and I don't like FIR ; Wide and Narrow SDM conversions are said by Jussi to be too close to call on the Roon forum with Wide having some rational with 128 source -- yet, with 64 sources (I don't have 128) and maybe bi
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