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  1. Do you mind sharing the correct orientation for AfterDark's dueland DC cables? Which end is for the LPS?
  2. Thanks to the detailed findings by @Iving in the Afterdark Master Clock for Mutec MC-3 + Smart Clock USB clock thread, I belatedly realised that the AfterDark Constellation Network Cable is directional - the plain cable end is meant to be connected to the 'B' side of the EtherRegen, while the cable end with "AfterDark" wording printed is meant to be connected to the recipient device (in my case the Sonore Ultrarendu). I have confirmed this separately with @AfterDark.as well. The sonic differences with the cable oriented the right way was quite stark - the sound cleaned up immediately with a blacker background.
  3. First off, thank you for taking the time and effort to pen such a detailed review / travelogue. Re Adrian's English language proficiency, I just want to point out that he is based in Hong Kong and one therefore cannot expect him to be as proficient in English as you clearly are. What he lacks in English expertise, I am pretty certain he speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin (off-topic for this forum), which is more tongues than many of us can claim to speak! I am glad that Adrian decided to open up his business to the English-speaking world (not entirely altruistic of course), otherwise I would not have been able to access the EtherRegen and his in-house range of tweaks so readily. In my experience, speaking to him using short and simple sentences does the trick :)
  4. Given the serious implications of your claims, I think it is only fair to @AfterDark.that you post links to the Aliexpress clocks which you allege that Adrian is using. Btw as far as I can recall from the various threads, I do not think that Adrian ever claimed that his higher tier clocks have any "special design", just good old calibration and measurements to meet the minimum stated specs of each specific tier.
  5. I hope you meant beer 🍺 and not bear 🐻 haha Jokes aside, totally agree with what you said! Sometimes in the hunt for audio nirvana we lose sight of the forest for the trees
  6. Leaving aside the issue of whether the 75 ohm version is needed for 75 ohm clocks, here's the link: https://www.minicircuits.com/WebStore/dashboard.html?model=BLP-10.7-75%2B If it's available (I believe AfterDark carries it), I suppose there's no harm matching the impedence for peace of mind 😀
  7. I'm still waiting to receive mine - hoping it will further improve the AfterDark Giesemann clock 😉
  8. I ordered mine from his website at: https://www.adark.co/products/mini-circuits-blp-10-7-low-pass-filter-for-giesemann-clock-group-buy-for-audiophilestyle-com?_pos=2&_sid=8ed76ad6c&_ss=r PayPal is one of the payment options.
  9. I believe you are referring to the following: The sequence to utilize an external reference clock with the EtherREGEN is: 1) Remove DC power from the EtherREGEN. 2) Set the CLOCK INT/EXT switch to the EXT position. 3) Connect a BNC clock cable from a 10MHz reference clock. 4) Power on the reference clock. 5) Apply DC power to the EtherREGEN.
  10. I think you meant to tag @AfterDark.instead 😉
  11. I am not affiliated with Denafrips but I think it's worth pointing out that there is a distinction between their Terminator vs Terminator-Plus DACs: https://www.denafrips.com/terminator https://www.denafrips.com/terminator-plus I believe it is only the Terminator-Plus which has the OCXO CLOCK-OUT that can be used to synchronize other connected devices. As an aside, I recently acquired the AfterDark Giesemann OCXO clock (Emperor Signature) to pair with an EtherRegen and my Denafrips Pontus II, really enjoying the sound so far. Still within the first week of my burning in, hope to post a more detailed impression once everything settles. Cheers, Nick
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