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  1. NoNaim

    HQ Player

    You can get 1.536 out of an OpticalRendu running NAA? With which DAC?? No. I mentioned in a post just before that that I have a TT2 which has a 32/768 max. Using Poly-Sinc-Gauss-xla LNS15 PCM the Mac mini M1 seems to have a lot of headroom... it's mostly reporting 60% idle. My setup is all fibre network with the OpticalRendu + Uptone JS-2 as the NAA - TQ SD USB > TT2 + JS-2 - TQ US XLR > Chord Etude > PMC 25.22 & Empyrean.
  2. NoNaim

    HQ Player

    Ah... I run HQP as headless unit from my network cupboard with the OpticalRendu as an NAA.
  3. NoNaim

    HQ Player

    I'm also running a Mac mini M1 16gb as a headless unit and it runs at 32/768 with ease (that being the max for the TT2). Just to check, do you have Multicore DSP selected in settings? I would get stutter on anything above 705 when this wasn't selected.
  4. NoNaim

    HQ Player

    I’ve been using HQPDControl v4 ( App Store) to control my headless Mac mini M1. Easy to select music and change settings/ filters etc from my iPhone. No need for VNC etc. The M1 so far has been superb as a headless HQPlayer.
  5. I have minimal space for my system... in my office, so only space for one LPS. I did look at the Farad Super 3 but it's a fixed voltage and only one rail so it lost out to the JS-2... which is excellent with the oR. Yes, definitely give the SRC-DX a try... see if you can get a demo of one if you can!
  6. Once I'm happy that I'm used to how everything sounds now, I'll try a few other BNC cables. I have the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond USB which I'm really happy with. Although, it isn't the most flexible, it does sound incredible.
  7. Adding a JS-2 to the oR was a very nice uplift. Adding the JS-2 to the TT2 was nice but more subtle. Tweaking the presentation. Adding the SRC-DX I think resulted in the biggest change… for me anyway. I’d imagine the USB cable is going to influence the outcome as well as BNC cables. More so the USB though. I have to say I think the SRC-DX is one of the best value for money upgrades, especially with dual BNC Chord DACs.
  8. I'd say SRC.DX opens the doors to all software based solutions. HQPlayer certainly benefits from it as well. I like the fact I have ability to upgrade the software [email protected] keeps improving and adding to HQPlayer all the time. It feels like the whole system advances advances over time and doesn't stand still. I don't need to change/sell the hardware each time to gain these improvements. PGGB adds to this in the sense I've used it for my favourite albums but as I listen to mainly streaming material, I'd say HQP is 90-95% of my listening.
  9. I was very happy with the way my system sounded but decided to try the SRC.DX.... I had little expectation that I would notice much difference and that I'd be returning it. I was very happy with my current system @Gavin1977 said in his first post here that the difference is quite profound. I'd have to agree, the difference is a significant one. I think I went back and forth a couple of times... not to see if it was better but more from disbelief I think because it was so different... in a positive way. The space around instruments has become very dark and imaging very d
  10. The thing is, they've made little to no effort in even making it look different. When I seen it, my first reaction was disbelief that they would put something out that basically looked exactly like a piece of kit that was already available but at 1/4 of the price. To me it just seems lazy and devious.
  11. It's very similar to the ADOT but not the StarTech FMC pic I posted above which has a lot more parts, bigger board, different layout and is 12v rather than 5v. I have one of each and they sound different as well. The StarTech is half the price of the ADOT though. They came back to me about the ADOT one and said it was, "The MC01 itself is a modification of existing product from a high-end IT manufacturer. It does not use a special clock, just a good one. The inherent errors on networks are so bad that any advantage of a super clock is quickly lost." 🤔😏
  12. For those interested... here are a couple of pics of the inside of the StarTech Gigabit (ET91000SFP2) FMC. 12v input and a bit bigger than those above.
  13. I heard about this a little while back but when I seen it, I just thought it looks like no effort has been made to even distinguish it from the cheaper FMC that have been out for ages. Between that, the lack or details of what they've actually done to make it stand out, calling it Audiophile, Digital, Optical, Technology (ADOT). As if just calling it Audiophile makes it so. If they were really confident, why not have the Melco name loud and proud on it?!?
  14. Cheers Sent a reply. Couldn't attach the diagram from your website but if you reply to my email, I'll be able to send one over.. Thanks
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