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  1. No luck with me... Still can't connect to Tidal
  2. Yes, lost my Tidal too... and after upgrading Aurender app... coincidence?
  3. View Classified dCS Bridge Black (mint) dCS Bridge used but in mint condition with all accessories and boxes. I'll send worldwide through UPS (excluding Countries not served) Please note sending cost not included Seller PedroS Date 10/02/21 Price 3,000.00 USD Category Music Servers / Streamers  
  4. This listing is completed.

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    dCS Bridge used but in mint condition with all accessories and boxes. I'll send worldwide through UPS (excluding Countries not served) Please note sending cost not included

    3,000.00 USD

  5. Radio internet question on Aurender... After choosing some radios as favourites, how can I save them? My question is related to this issue I'm facing. Some radio stations are not presented on Aurender proprietary listings, so I add them with URLs. Issue is, to maintain them I have to set them as favourites, but if if deselected them they disappear... Thanks
  6. Update... First, I have to say that without Mr. Alvin's help, I would still waiting for any refunds... Yes, I have received a first small part, and then, after several emails, from me and Mr. Alvin, I received almost the full refund... almost... I cannot understand, only from a person and a company that doesn't earn that name, why on earth, one shouldn't refund the amount agreed. I still have to receive 150€. That much? In fact, how can some one tear apart its name and the company's name for such a small amount?? After all the struggle and "fight" I can only strongly warn against KVS. Please stay away from them. They don't honor the business. After more than 30 years dealing with HiFi companies around here and abroad, it's the 1st time such a thing happened to me. I also have to say that this issue has nothing to do with Denafrips, or its products, only with KVS. Issue is KVS is, or self-styled as a Denafrips distributor..
  7. To update you about this issue... KVS agreed to refund me. I have received the 1st part and should receive the 2nd next week.
  8. Well, and the soap opera continues... As I told, the item arrived on KVS facilities Wednesday at lunch time. Today, Friday, they didn't yet have the time, as I've been told in my email answer, to evaluate the item. Tomorrow KVS will enter on their summer annual leave for 15 days, so, more two weeks to expect to be refunded... I hope it will happen...
  9. Alvin, from Denafrips, step in and wrote me an email clarifying Denafrips policy and pushing KVS to honor theirs. As a result, I got permission from KVS to return the Terminator, which i did, and today it landed on their facilities. Now I'm waiting for the reimbursement. I must say that today's HiFi sound it's not every one's sound, but when a Company stands behind their brand is a sound Company.
  10. Ok, I will correct the tittle, but how can I do it, as my 1st post doesn't have an edit option?
  11. I think I should put both, as KVS, I have the emails, told they will ask Denafrips about this return, and the answer was: Denafrips doesn't accept return of this special order item. So, two things, 1st don't know if KVS contacted Denafrips, must I must rely on their word (?), and second "special order item??? And, as I stated before, I contacted Denafrips, and they didn't answer...
  12. The first email from Denafrips Europe... I was not coming here if I had not the information... Hello Pedro , 1. please send us the connections which you will use with the aurender . In general , of course yes its compatible. 2. We will have it within 3-4 days in stock , both colours . 3. We will make 6290 euro DELIVERED to you in Lisbon . 4. The only company which offers 14 days money back is ours , so no problem . Full 3 years warranty applies. thank you , best Kamen
  13. Disclaimer: I have nothing personal, nor against the company, or the item, per se, but against Denafrips customer support I have bought a Terminator plus in black, through their oficial European website (https://www.denafrips.eu). According to the website we have 14 days to trial, and according to European law we have 30 days to return any web order. I received it, and after my trial period, around two weeks, I recognised that the item didn't met my expectations. So I kindly ask for returning it. European site replied that will contact Denafrips and will answer me. I waited, but only my remind email I received the answer that Denafrips didn't consider such a re turn service for a special ordered item. I have contacted directly Denafrips (informing Europe seller), but still no answer. I would like to know how a Terminator plus in black, as advertised, can be considered a special ordered item, when such an information is not specified nor advertised? I don't consider this acceptable. I know my legal limitations, because going to court will far exceeds the item value, but I wish to warn potential new buyers about such a bad and misleading customer service. Again, I'm sorry to write down these lines, but they didn't gave me other option.
  14. Dilema... Trying to add another DAC to my system. Don't ask why Different they are, but surfing in my decisions... Aqua Formula Formula xHD v2 or Esoteric N-05XD The later has more functionality, the first one DAC dedicated... Sound is the most important aspect Can you help?
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