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  1. If you are on iOS (and using Moode audio on the rpi), I recommend mconnect. I am using it with Qobuz, it works very well. You get the full quality of Qobuz without having to go over AirPlay.
  2. Thanks! It works! I assume it’s better not to do any system update of Volumio for a while, right?
  3. Dear All, I acquired last week the brand new Allo Boss2. Unfortunately, Allo announced that they prefer Moode audio for the DAC, while still emphasizing that it would be – of course – compatible with Volumio. I tried Moode for a week, but would like to use the Boss2 over Volumio, as my other 2 Boss 1.2. So, I flashed Volumio in its latest version on a micro SD, but the Boss2 is not listed in the I2S devices. When I try to play, I get the famous hm:2,0 error. Over SSH I see that the dtbo file "allo-boss2-dac-audio.dtbo" is missing. After looking for more info, I got
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